February, 22, 2024
Adiala Jail Trial: PTI Founder and Election Decision

Adiala Jail Trial: PTI Founder and Election Decision

Infostani Sources- The Election Commission has reserved its decision on the trial of the case against the founder chairman of PTI and Fawad Chaudhry. The commission directed the interior ministry to fulfill all legal rules and regulations and make arrangements within two days for the trial, which will be held in Adiala Jail. The court has scheduled the next hearing in Adiala Jail for December 13. A four-member bench, headed by member Nisar Durrani. Decided to indict former CHK Kerman PTI and former minister Fawad Chaudhry during the preliminary hearing. They apologized to the Election Commission and requested a trial in Adiala Jail after seeking advice from the Ministry of Law.

Meanwhile, Judicial Magistrate Yasir Mehmood postponed the hearing until December 9. Because jail authorities did not respond to the request for a medical examination of former federal minister Fawad Chaudhary. Whom the authorities arrested in a fraud case. On another front, the Islamabad High Court rejected PTI founder CHK Kirman’s request. To withdraw the petition against the decision of disqualification from the Election Commission in the Tosha Khana reference.

Election Commission Decision: PTI Founder’s Legal Maneuvers in Adiala Jail

Adiala Jail Trial: PTI Founder and Election Decision

Chief Justice Amir Farooq has pronounced. The Islamabad High Court will now hear the case against the decision of the Election Commission. On October 21, 2022, the Election Commission announced the decision to disqualify the founding chairman as a member of the assembly. The founder chairman of PTI approached the High Court on October 28, 2022, against the decision.

With the matter pending in the Lahore High Court, they applied on January 18, 2023, to withdraw the appeal. They took the position that the Lahore High Court had constituted a five-member larger bench on the matter. So they want to withdraw their application and pursue this case in the Lahore High Court. The lawyer of the Election Commission argued that they misled the court by hiding the facts.

The appellant initially filed the appeal in the Islamabad High Court, so the court should hear it here. The court had reserved its verdict on September 13 after hearing the arguments of the parties. The court fixed PTI founder Ch Kekarman’s appeal against the sentence in the Shahkhana case for hearing on December 11.

Adiala Legal Update: PTI Founder’s Trial, Bushra Bibi’s Bail Extension, and NAB’s Actions

Chief Justice Amir Farooq, while issuing a written order for the previous hearing. Accepted the request of the Election Commission’s lawyer to give time for arguments. Also declared that if the Election Commission’s lawyer did not give arguments at the next hearing, after looking at the record, would decide. Meanwhile, Accountability Court Islamabad’s Haj Muhammad Bashir extended the bails of Bushra Bibi in the £190 million Al-Qadir University and Tosha Khana references until December 13. The court adjourned the hearing on Chairman PTI’s bail application. The special court in Adiala Jail heard the references, with the presence of former Prime Minister and Bushra Bibi.

Despite the summons, the court initiated the advertisement proceedings against the absent accused. Mirza Shahzad Akbar, Zia-ul-Mustafa Neem, Farhat Shahzadi, and Zulfi Bukhari. The non-bailable arrest warrants of the said accused are already in progress. The NAB team stated that the Chairman NAB did not issue an arrest warrant for the accused Bushra Bibi, and there is no possibility of her immediate arrest. However, while stated that they won’t withdraw the application for interim bail. The NAB mentioned their readiness to submit a statement or a surety bond if the court requires her appearance on any date. They have also not provided the Al-Qadir University reference record.

Adiala Jail Trial: PTI Founder and Election Decision

Legal Developments: PTI Leaders’ Court Proceedings and Controversies

While adjourning the hearing. The court sought arguments from the parties while talking to the sons of ex-chairman PTI on the phone and issuing notices to NAB. Superintendent Jail Adiala on the requests for the supply of mats for extra size. After the hearing, Bushra Bibi, Alimah Khan, Uzmi Khanum, Noreen Khanum, Hamid Khan, Babar Awan, Umeer Niazi, and Latif Khosa met the former Prime Minister. Latif Khosa told the media that 190 million from the National Crime Agency.

The pound came directly to the Supreme Court account, and this money has now gone to the national treasury. What is the crime of the chairman or Bushra Bibi? This money, with Bena’s approval, went to the Supreme Court, and the entire cabinet seized it. Not taking even a single penny from the treasury in the trust.

Intirap Mujhu Na Advocate said that the Chairman has said in a message to the nation that the captain is standing firm, and the captain may die but will not back down from the real freedom struggle. Meanwhile, Bushra Bibi filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court against recording and leaking the audio call of her lawyer Latif Khosa. She asserted that someone distorted and publicly leaked the audio call in the media to harass Bushra Bibi. Negatively impacting her family life.