September, 22, 2023
Afghan-Pakistani Border Negotiations End Inconclusively

Afghan-Pakistani Border Negotiations End Inconclusively

The border crossing was closed on September 6 following a clash between Afghan forces over an attempt to build a checkpoint in Pakistani territory. With hundreds of cargo trucks stranded on both sides of the border, the Taliban government had asked for talks, but on Sunday there was no result.

ISLAMABAD (from Kamran Yusuf) Negotiations between Pakistan and Afghan authorities to open the Torkham border ended inconclusively, the border crossing remained closed for the fifth day on Sunday.

The Torkham border crossing was closed on September 6 following clashes between Pakistani and Afghan forces. The clash started when the Afghan forces tried to build a checkpoint on the border with Pakistan, which was stopped by the Pakistani army as a violation of the agreement between the two countries.

Afghanistan’s Taliban government says its border guards have been killed in an exchange of fire. The border remains closed after this incident.

On Sunday, there were talks between the authorities of the two countries on the issue of opening the border, but there was no result.

Sources say that the Pakistani authorities have told the Afghan officials that the decision to open the border has to be made by the federal government, but no word has come out from the Pakistani government on this issue yet.

However, some Pakistani officials have stated on their own that Pakistan will not allow any kind of construction work in its territory as it is against Pakistan’s sovereignty.

The Afghan government issued a statement on Saturday expressing concern over the closure of the border, saying it was causing heavy losses to the business community. Discussion was also requested.

Due to the closure of the border, hundreds of trucks are stranded on both sides, and common people who normally travel across the border are also facing difficulties.

The clash between Pak-Afghan forces is an indication of the strained relationship between Pakistan and the Afghan interim government of the Taliban.

On the same day when Pakistan and Afghan forces clashed, hundreds of terrorists crossed the Afghan border and attacked the Pakistani post in the Chitral district.

At least 12 terrorists of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were killed in this clash while four Pakistani soldiers were also martyred.

A clash between Pakistani security forces and terrorists also took place in the general area of ​​Chitral in which at least 7 terrorists were killed.

From these latest clashes, it seems that TTP terrorists have entered the Chitral area. After these events in Chitral, Pakistan summoned the representative of the Afghan government to protest and asked the Afghan government to control the TTP terrorists on its soil.

However, the Afghan government spokesperson has denied using its territory in the Chitral attacks, but Pakistan has a video of the TTP chief ordering his fighters to attack.

It appears that Pakistan has now hardened its stance on the TTP issue and is increasing pressure on the Transitional Government of Afghanistan.

Observers also say that Pakistan may have closed the Torkham border to increase pressure on the Afghan government to take action against the TTP.

The Torkham border is a lifeline for Afghanistan’s economy. The closure of this border will worsen the situation for Afghanistan, which is under sanctions from Western countries.

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