March, 21, 2023
American President said that the story of America || Somaliland, clashes between soldiers and opponents

American President said that the story of America || Somaliland

How Beijing is willing to work but cherishes its own interests, the Russia-Ukraine war is a test for America

President Joe Biden, the balloon debris should be returned, China(American)Washington, Beijing (APP, Monitoring Desk) US President Joe Biden has said that his country is ready to work with China but will defend its interests. In his State of the Union address two days after US President Joe Biden ordered the downing of a Chinese spy balloon, make no mistake about it, as we made clear last week if China were to threaten our integrity. If yes, we will take steps to protect our country. Regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, he promised that the United States would help Ukraine as long as it helped it fight the Russian invasion.

Addressing Ukraine’s ambassador to America

Addressing Ukraine’s ambassador to America, O Kisa Namar Karova, he said that we will stand with you no matter how long it takes, our nation is working for freedom, dignity, and peace not only in Europe but everywhere. He Russia. Describing the Ukraine war as a test for America, he said that it is a test for America and the whole world.

Inflation has been a global problem as the rotavirus has affected supply chains while the Russia-Ukraine war has disrupted energy and food supplies, he said. He said that the US has united NATO and created a global alliance to fight the war in Ukraine. He called on Republicans to work with him to finish the job of rebuilding the economy and reuniting the nation as he seeks to overcome frustrations across the country and reduce political divisions in Washington.

American President

The American President said that the story of America is the story of progress and emerging from difficulties. He announced that even after 2 years of the attack on the Capital Bill, American democracy did not bend or suffer. In addition, China has requested the United States to return the debris of the balloon, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has requested the administration of President Joe Biden to return the debris of the air balloon that the US military shot down on the east coast of the United States on Saturday. Dropped, saying the weather balloon belonged to China. After the balloon was shot down, China rejected the US request for talks. On the other hand, the US Navy released pictures of the wreckage of the Chinese spy balloon. The US Department of Defense says the phone call request from Pentagon chief Lt
A discussion between Austin and the Chinese counterpart was held.


Somaliland, clashes between soldiers and opponents, 40 people killed


Opposition Mogadishu (INP) About 140 people were killed in a clash between soldiers and government opponents in the city of Las Anod in Somaliland, which unilaterally declared independence from Somalia.Los Anod Health Department
According to the information obtained from the teams, 40 people, including women and children, were killed and more than 60 were injured in the clashes in the city. , while opposition groups claimed that their meeting was stormed by Somaliland troops, the opposition wants Somaliland troops to leave the areas of Sol, Sanag, and Sini and annex those areas to the Somali state.

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