September, 30, 2023
Arif Alvi Urged by PTI to Announce Election Date

Arif Alvi Urged by PTI to Announce Election Date

Laur, Islamabad (Political Reporter, Special Correspondent in Monitoring Report (one of the agencies) Tehreek-e-Insaf has written to President Arif Alvi and demanded that he immediately announce the date of the elections. Time can announce the date of the election, from which the country may once again become a victim of them. On the other hand, the caretaker Federal Minister for Information, Mur Takalfi Solangi, said that the date of the election will be announced by the Election Commission.

Can’t the president give the date of the election? According to the sources, President Arif Alvi has already completed his youth term and now he is bent on announcing the date of the election to plunge the country into a new political crisis.

According to the sources, today the country is moving towards recovery from the previous economic crisis, and decisive steps are being taken for its economic recovery, due to which the dollar has fallen to a record low. Stability is seen in the market and action against illegal economic activities is going on with full force. In order the implement this order, President Alvi has made a whole plan to create excitement in the country by following the instructions of the former First Lady Bishr Naini.

The purpose of giving the election date is to create political chaos and excitement in the country again. President Arif Alvi has been told by his own legal team, attorney general, and legal expert that he cannot do this legally but he has thought of doing this due to party pressure and Bushra Labali’s strict instructions. According to the sources, he is saying this even in his Lati status because he has not deposited the gifts taken during his five-year rule in the Shah Khana.

They are afraid that this case may also be opened against them. After the completion of the term, the interim presidency of President Arif Alvi falls into the category of ‘Sentop Gap’, that is, he is not in a position to influence any policy of the federal government. The Election Commission is not authorized to give policy nor can they give the date of the election If they do any such thing it will be for nothing but to satisfy PTI and Bushra Bibi and neither Their action will have a constitutional status.

If they do this, it should be done every day or when the dollar rate in Pakistan after a long time had reduced to a historic level of 298 rupees in the open market and 300 rupees in the interbank, then President Arif Alvi told Pakistan He did this political stunt to destabilize again for which history will never forgive him. Apart from this, Federal Law Minister Ahmed Irfan Aslam met with President Arif Alvi at the President’s House in which he consulted about general elections. According to the President’s House, this meeting was held in continuation of the ongoing consultations on the general elections.

The President said that the continuation of the consultation process with good intentions will be positive for democracy in the country. The Law Minister had also met the President last week to consult on the elections. Besides, the President approved the Price Control and Prevention of Unlawful Profiteering and Hoarding (Amendment) Bill.

Apart from this, the letter of Tehreek-e-Insaf Secretary General Umar Ayub Khan to President Alvi has come to light, in which he has demanded the President immediately announce the date of the election. According to the letter, Article 485 of the Constitution obliges the President to fix a date within ninety days for holding elections in case of dissolution of the National Assembly by the President.

In the light of the Constitution and the decision of the Supreme Court, the determination of the date of the elections is the consent of the President and the most important constitutional duty. The letter said that as the President of the country, you should fulfill the constitutional requirement of fixing the date of elections.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the core committee of Tehreek-e-Insaf was held, after which it was said in a statement that the holding of the G20 meeting in India and its announcement is a new concern of Pakistan. Pakistan is facing isolation at the global level. Only an elected government with a popular mandate will be able to protect Pakistan’s interests on the foreign front.

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