February, 22, 2024
Army Chief Praises Anti-Terror Ops Readiness

Army Chief Praises Anti-Terror Ops Readiness

The Chief of Army Staff, presiding over the Formation Commanders’ Conference, has emphatically stated that the military. With full public support, will thwart the efforts of certain elements aiming to hinder the pursuit of personal goals. General Syed Asim Munir, the Army Chief, expressed contentment with the operational readiness and high-quality training of formations to address emerging threats. According to an ISPR statement, the ceremony honored the great sacrifices of martyrs. Including armed forces personnel, law enforcement agencies, and Pakistani citizens. The resolve was reiterated to eliminate all terrorists acting on behalf of hostile forces with the aim of destabilizing Pakistan.

The state will use full force against those who facilitate and encourage the violators. He strongly condemned Pakistan’s continuous violations of human rights, emphasizing that Pakistan will persist in politically, diplomatically, and morally supporting Kashmiris. Additionally, the Conference restated Pakistan’s principled position on the Palestinian issue. Affirming that Pakistan politically, diplomatically, and morally backs the Palestinian people and supports a two-state solution to the Palestinian problem.

Army Chief Champions Stability: Pakistan’s Resolve and Unity in Defense of National Interests

Army Chief Praises Anti-Terror Ops Readiness

The declaration, based on the pre-1967 borders with its capital in al-Quds Sharif, receives full support. Despite the challenges faced, there has been a decrease in anxiety and uncertainty in Pakistan over the past few months. With an increase in hope, confidence, and stability. The formation commanders have agreed to thwart the efforts of certain elements aiming to achieve personal goals through steadfastness. Also the continuation of positive measures, backed by the full support of the people of Pakistan. God willing, the Pakistan Army will persist in defending and serving the nation on the journey towards sustainable stability and security. Stay committed and united with the zealous Pakistani people.

The conference participants deliberated on the government’s initiatives across diverse domains to curb illegal activities, encompassing sustainable economic recovery, combating smuggling, preventing hoarding, addressing electricity theft, enforcing the one-deco-minute regime, ensuring the dignified repatriation of illegal aliens, and safeguarding the national database. The measures received unanimous support.

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