November, 29, 2023
Army Chief: Unity Against Extremism, Support for Peace

Army Chief: Unity Against Extremism, Support for Peace

Infostani Sources- During a meeting at General Headquarters Rawalpindi, Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir asserted that any organization or group, regardless of religious, provincial, tribal, linguistic, ethnic, communal, or any other distinctions, is unacceptable if it engages in armed action, except for the state. He conveyed this message to prominent scholars from various schools of thought. He asserted that Pakistan is for all its citizens. The Pakistan Army’s Public Relations Department, ISPR. Reported that General Syed Asim Munir conveyed these sentiments during a meeting with prominent scholars from various schools of thought at General Headquarters Rawalpindi. The scholars unanimously denounced extremism, terrorism, and sectarianism, advocating for tolerance in the country.

He pledged to actively support the tireless efforts of the state and security forces in achieving peace and stability. The scholars emphasized that Islam fosters peace and harmony. They asserted that certain elements distort the religion for personal interests, unrelated to Islamic teachings. The Army Chief commended the Ulama’s fatwa message to Pakistan. It aims to counter the misleading propaganda disseminated by extremists and terrorists. Encouraging the Ulama and Mashaykhs, the Army Chief urged them to actively disseminate and rectify the misleading propaganda. This effort aims at fostering unity and eliminating internal differences.

Army Chief: Unity Against Extremism, Support for Peace

Army Chief Stresses Education, Endorses Government Measures, and Addresses Global Concerns with Scholars

Army Chief also highlighted the scholars’ role in drawing the youth towards intellectual and technical sciences, as well as in fostering understanding and character-building based on the Quran and Sunnah. The Forum, with unanimous agreement, endorsed the measures taken by the Government of Pakistan to repatriate foreigners staying illegally, enforce the document system (passport), combat smuggling, hoarding, and electricity theft. The forum strongly endorsed Pakistan’s stance and reservations on terrorism originating from Afghan soil, urging Afghanistan to take concrete steps.

The forum vehemently condemned the ongoing war in Gaza, expressing outrage at the atrocities inflicted upon innocent Palestinians. They described these acts as clear crimes against humanity. Before Friday prayers, Army Chief General Syed Asim Munir met with Ulemas. All scholars prayed at GHQ Masjid. The participants included Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, Maulana Ashraf Ludhianvi, Maulana Tayyab Qureshi, Professor Sajid Mir, Pir Syed Haider Gilani, Pir Khalid Sultan, Allama Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, Allama Shabbir Hasan, Anas Noorani, Mufti Muneebur Rehman, Pir Hasnat Qadri, and Pir Naqib-ur-Rehman.

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