September, 30, 2023
Asia Cup Gala Dinner at Governor's House

Asia Cup Gala Dinner at Governor’s House

In honor of the Asia Cup teams, a gala dinner was held at the Governor’s House, Lahore, attended by players, officials, board officials, and a 4-member delegation of the Indian Cricket Board. The participants must have experienced our hospitality and friendly attitude, Zaka Ashraf

Lahore (Sports Reporter) Pakistan Cricket Board organized a ceremony in honor of the Asia Cup teams in the Governor House, the gala dinner was attended by teams, officials, and board officials from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman. And PCB officials were also present, in the spirit of goodwill, a 4-member delegation of the Indian Cricket Board who came on the invitation of PCB Management Committee Chairman Zaka Ashraf also participated, including President Roger Bani and Vice President Mr. Rajeev. Shukla was also involved. PCB Management Committee Chairman Zaka Ashraf hosted the event and said that I heartily welcome all the participating countries in the Asia Cup, it is a great opportunity for Pakistan to express its love for cricket. The city must have experienced our unparalleled hospitality and friendly attitude. It is not just a cricket tournament but an occasion where cultures and languages ​​come together, in such competitions cricket becomes a process that transcends borders and unites all.

Broad export opportunities for overseas in ASEAN countries: Governors can also take advantage of measures to facilitate foreign investors, and the development of the tourism sector, and best policies should be formulated to attract foreign tourists.

LAHORE (APP) Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rahman while addressing a trade and tourism conference at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce regarding ASEAN countries, Governor Punjab Balighur Rahman said that there are vast export opportunities for Pakistani entrepreneurs in ASEAN countries. are present. Similarly, entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries can invest in various sectors in Pakistan. The Governor of Punjab said that the expertise of ASEAN countries should be used for the development of Pakistan’s tourism sector and with their cooperation and guidance, basic infrastructure should be improved and policies should be formulated to attract foreign tourists. Ambassador, High Commissioner of Malaysia, and President of Lahore Chamber Kashif Anwar also spoke and expressed the commitment that the conference will open new avenues of economic cooperation between ASEAN member countries in tourism and various sectors. Ambassadors of ASEAN countries, the President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shif Anwar, and officials of the Chamber and Executive Committee members were present at the conference.

Abaya ban in French schools. Left-wing politicians have called the ban at odds with civil liberties.

Prime Minister Paris (Monitoring Desk) The ban on women wearing abayas in French schools has started. French authorities on Monday banned women from wearing abayas to mark the return of students to schools across the country
The French government announced late last month that it was banning the wearing of the abaya in schools, violating the principles of secularism in education, according to AFP. Muslim women were previously banned from wearing the headscarf, saying it was a sign of religious affiliation. Some young girls have agreed to take off the abaya, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said on a visit to a school in northern France. As the application unfolds, far-left politicians are accusing the government of President Emmanuel Macron of banning the abaya to compete with far-right politician Marine Ki Pen and her National Rally party.

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