February, 23, 2024
Asia Cup: PCB's Hosting Dispute and Flight Controversy

Asia Cup: PCB’s Hosting Dispute and Flight Controversy

Infostani Sources- Pakistan, through the Asian Cricket Council, has requested its entitlement for the Asia Cup. The PCB has sought additional expenses, and officials will consider the matter in the upcoming meeting. The ACC plans to host the event at the Hyperdomedal, deciding to bear the same cost for chartered flights. On the other hand, Asian authorities think that they agreed to hold matches in one city, Lahore. The total event cost, estimated at around $4 million, included $281,700 for flights. Pakistan initially planned to host the entire event. But due to India’s refusal to visit, Sri Lanka conducted most matches, with only four taking place in Pakistan.

The transportation of teams between Sri Lanka and Pakistan incurred additional expenses. Pakistan has requested chartered flight expenses from ACC, insisting the entire event should be in Pakistan. Also, any extra costs should be ACC’s responsibility. In a PCB management committee meeting, the committee approved chartered flight expenses for the Pakistani team. Classic Travel, a non-prequalified Sri Lankan company, booked four flights at a cost of $281,700. During the meeting, MC member Mossadegh Aslam proposed that the committee obtain a guarantee from the travel agent before making full payment, but the committee rejected this idea.

PCB’s Dilemma: Payment Risks, Flight Controversy, and Asia Cup Financial Terms

Asia Cup: PCB's Hosting Dispute and Flight Controversy

The board also entertained the idea of selling vacant seats to fans to reduce shipping costs but ultimately abandoned the proposal. In the same meeting, Zulfiqar Malik expressed concern about paying the full amount in advance to the travel agency, deeming it risky, and suggested consulting a private Pakistani airline. The GM Finance responded that the logistics team had made this decision with all pre-qualified travel agents. Despite reservations, the MC approved the flight booking with a non-pre-qualified agent and 100% payment.

PCB agreed to pay Sri Lanka $2,069,885 for the Asia Cup and menu hire. They paid 50% of the amount before the event and then 25%, with the remaining amount to be paid according to the contract. As per the agreement, the Asian Cricket Council owes Pakistan a hosting fee of $2.5 million, excluding ticketing and sponsorship amounts. The organizers initially estimated event expenses at around $40 million. The initial schedule planned matches not only in Lahore but also included Multan, hosting the opening match there.

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