September, 26, 2023
Babar Azam's Captaincy and Preparations

Babar Azam’s Captaincy and Preparations

This is more than a mere encounter with a long-standing adversary; we are embarking on a journey to compete in the World Cup. Our upcoming match against Afghanistan in Chennai poses no concerns; we hold no fear of any opponent. However, we approach every team with equal significance and will give our best, as emphasized by Babar Azam.

Utilizing exceptional leadership abilities, inquiring with the board about the captain’s proficiency, seeking their input on selection matters, and ensuring a strong performance during the game in Sri Lanka. (Babar Azam)

Karachi (Sports Desk / Express-News) Pakistan is starting to feel the pressure of the upcoming competition against India. Captain Babar Azam emphasizes that the World Cup matches are not just against traditional rivals; every match holds importance. He states that there are no concerns about the match against Afghanistan in Chennai, and he is utilizing his best skills as a captain. Babar Azam suggests consulting the PCB regarding his effectiveness as a leader and his involvement in the selection process. The team faced a tough challenge in Sri Lanka last time and has been working to overcome their shortcomings. They missed the presence of bowling coach Morne Morkel in the training camp, but Mickey Arthur will assist in understanding the Sri Lankan conditions. England has their own approach to the game, but Pakistan adapts their playstyle based on the match situation.

The much-anticipated India-Pakistan World Cup match is scheduled for October 15 in Ahmedabad. Both teams are under immense pressure, but Pakistan is striving to shield themselves from this pressure. Following Shadab Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, and Mickey Arthur, Captain Babar Azam has declared the match as just another normal game. During a media conference in Karachi, Babar Azam expressed that they are participating in the World Cup against not only India but also nine other teams. Each competition is valued, and the team enters the field with the determination to reach the final. The match against Afghanistan in Chennai poses no problems, and they fear no one. However, any opponent can present difficulties, and they are prepared to play wherever the match is held. Such challenges are inherent in mega-events, and the team has made adequate preparations. Every team is considered important, and the players’ fitness is being worked on. The squad composition is being carefully considered, with potential changes depending on match conditions and the strength of the opposition.

Pakistan has only managed to win one out of nine Tests in a year. If the situation worsens during the Sri Lanka tour, would you consider handing over the captaincy to someone else? Babar Azam responded that the previous tour encountered some inexperience and injuries within the team. However, this time they will strive for victory. He has made efforts to rectify past mistakes and improve his leadership skills. Whether he is a good captain or not should be a question for the PCB to answer, as they consult him on selection matters. The team is fully prepared for the Test series against Sri Lanka, and as professionals, they are ready for any situation. Every day is a learning experience, and the players have benefited from the training camp, particularly in the area of fast bowling. Although they missed bowling coach Morne Morkel’s presence in the camp, they focused on both bowling and batting, considering the Sri Lankan conditions. Babar Azam aims to enhance his game by 5 to 10 percent. He hopes for positive results in the series, as it will serve as excellent preparation for the Asia Cup and World Cup. The arrival of Team Director Mickey Arthur in Sri Lanka, who previously coached the host team, will aid in understanding the conditions. The pitches are expected to favor spinners, and they will heavily rely on their slow bowlers. Babar Azam emphasizes that their objective as a team and as a captain is to win matches. England has their own mindset, and every team plays in their respective style. However, adopting a positive mindset in cricket often leads to victories.


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