March, 21, 2023
BBC blamed Modi || Kashmiris unite against Modi's || India: A church was set on fire

BBC blamed Modi || Kashmiris unite against Modi’s || India: A church was set on fire

Indian police sealed the building and seized all the phones, and BBC blamed Modi for the Gujarat riots.

BBC in New Delhi

New Delhi, London (Monitoring Desk) India’s tax authorities have raided the offices of the BBC in New Delhi for a documentary on Narendra Modi. The move by Indian authorities came weeks after a British broadcaster aired a documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. According to the AFP news agency, police sealed off the building and deployed half-timbered officers outside the office, cordoning off two floors and preventing people from entering or leaving the building. . A BBC employee working in the office said the tax was still being printed and the authorities had seized all the phones. An official, who did not identify his department, said official proceedings were underway within the office. The Indian Income Tax Department could not be contacted by AFP for a statement in this regard. Last month, the broadcaster aired a two-part documentary alleging that Narendra Modi, then the chief minister of Gujarat, ordered the police to turn a blind eye to communal riots in the state of Gujarat. As a result of these riots, about 1,000 people were killed, most of whom were Muslims. The Indian government had used emergency powers under the Information Technology Act to block tweets sharing the video and link to the documentary. Government advisor Kanchan Gupta criticized the documentary and termed it as anti-India garbage and hostile propaganda. British Government
says that the raids of the Income Tax authorities on the offices of BBC India are closely monitored.


Kashmiris unite against Modi’s efforts to settle non-Kashmiris in occupied territory, and there will be a strike today.

SRINAGAR, LONDON (NNI, APP) The leadership of the All-Party Hurriyat Conference in the illegally occupied Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir has faced forced eviction from their lands and properties by the Modi government on various pretexts. Reiterating the call for a complete strike against the property demolition campaign, India has been alerted to changing the population ratio in the occupied territory. According to Kashmir Media Service, Shabir Ahmed Shah, a senior leader of the All-Party Hurriyat Conference and Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party, in a message issued from Tihar Jail in New Delhi, expressed serious concern over the forced eviction campaign of Kashmiris. He said that after revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, the Modi government is now determined to rob the Kashmiris of their livelihood and deprive them of the lands and properties inherited from their forefathers. Shabbir Shah appealed to the Kashmiris to thwart the nefarious ambitions of the racist RSS government and said that it is time that Kashmiris rise above their political affiliations and oppose the Modi government’s efforts to settle non-Kashmiris in the occupied territory. Unite to resist. Today there will be a strike against the brutal actions in Occupied Kashmir. India has been reluctant to release the 1947 documents on the ceasefire and the special status of its illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir because it fears that these sensitive letters may affect its foreign relations.

India: A church was set on fire in Madhya Pradesh

Ram wrote on walls, riots over the installation of the Hanuman idol in a Muslim home.

Bhopal (Monitoring Desk) Unknown persons set fire to a church in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and wrote Ram on the walls before fleeing. On the other hand, there was a riot on the part of the Hindus after installing an idol of Hanuman in the house of a Muslim. Police arrested 5 people. According to an Indian private news channel, the police told reporters that a group of unknown people in Madhya Pradesh’s Narmad Alpuram burned down a Christian place of worship and wrote the name of their god on the walls. The report said that when the residents of the area reached inside the church, the walls were black with smoke. The furniture was burnt and Ram was written on the wall. Police said the church was built around five years ago. The miscreants entered the building by cutting the net on the window. In the complaint lodged with the police, it is said that miscreants burnt religious papers along with the furniture. On the same day, an incident of religious conflict also took place in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, where a Hindu group tried to install an idol of Hanuman on the roof of a Muslim man’s house. According to TV, the incident turned into a clash between two groups and the police had to use force to disperse the crowd. Four policemen were also injured by stone pelting in this incident. The police have filed an FIR in this incident and detained five people

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