September, 30, 2023
Bilawal Challenges Allies' Fear of Confrontation

Bilawal Challenges Allies’ Fear of Confrontation

We have repeatedly told the allies that if you are afraid, you will die, our training is not to run away and be afraid, we are used to fighting elections with dead bodies on our shoulders, and we will answer the lies. (Bilawal Bhutto Zardari)
We will go from city to city to destroy the role of the People’s Party, we will wipe out the political orphans and puppet politicians in every corner of the country: Address in Hyderabad (Bilawal Bhutto Zardari)

Hyderabad, Skrand (Abdullah Sheikh, Correspondent) Chairman People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that it is a pity that our other political allies are afraid, they are in fear, who now want to run away from the general elections. Yes, the people have never disappointed me, we succeeded in removing the incompetent with the help of the people of Hyderabad. People are yearning for water, but the rulers of Islamabad are talking big. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the water filter plant here, he said that despite the presence of the Indus River, the people here are yearning for water. .We are used to fighting elections with dead bodies on our shoulders, we will not run away from elections, if some of our allies are running away from elections, let them run, because when you don’t fight elections, someone else takes your seat. I asked MQM to contest local body elections but they didn’t agree, I kept begging them not to give their place to PTI, it was only a matter of holding their feet, but they retreated out of fear, even today. For 18 months, I have been repeatedly telling all my allies that if you fear, you will die, but unfortunately, our political allies are scared and afraid. But in the training of the People’s Party, there is no running away and fear, the people of the People’s Party are not afraid of the one who attacked Jinnah House and GHQ, I will fight against the selected, anti-people and country PTI on the basis of people’s power. . Our message to PTI is that we are not afraid of you, we are coming to fight, I will fight PTI not with the power of the caretaker prime minister but with the power of the people. It is happening, even today false propaganda is sold in Punjab and Peshawar. They wanted to impose the selected, so we don’t know what was said against the People’s Party, we have to respond to the lies. The person who promised to give houses to the people was breaking the houses of the poor along with a Hajj.After regularizing his Bani Gala house, Akar called himself Sadiq and Amin. In the next election, People’s Party will fight on the basis of its work, its pride, its achievements and its manifesto. I will not go from city to city to destroy the character of the People’s Party. If today the People’s Party is alive politically, it is because our workers, leader and Shaheed Rani were martyred, but we are not afraid and we are not behind. We will wipe out these political orphans, puppet politicians in every corner of the country in this election. In today’s world, there are phones and social media, the problem is that our people work and are busy, but the workers of this mummy-daddy party are sitting for free, they do the same thing. You can also take some time and tell the people of Pakistan, through Tik Tok and Facebook, you can fight the daddies in us and explain to them that the problems of the common man are not a tax cutter but a PPP solution. can do The no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan was also won by the PPP because the prime minister-to-be was behind but Jeyala Sharjeel Memon of Hyderabad was ahead. Apart from this, Bilawal Bhutto reached the Chandio House and condoled with Senator Moola Bakhsh Chandio on the death of his brother Randan Ali Chandio and his young granddaughter M. Habba Zainab.

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