February, 22, 2024
BNA Leader Surrenders, Boosting Balochistan Peace

BNA Leader Surrenders, Boosting Balochistan Peace

Caretaker Prime Minister and Army Chief, including the tireless efforts of John Achakzai, worked day and night to prevent illegality and injustice, as stated by Provincial Interior Minister Mir Zubair Jamali. The state, as tweeted by the Caretaker Prime Minister, has formulated a policy for those, including Bengalis and members of the Baloch Nationalist Army (BNA), who join the national stream, paving the way for a secure future for the new generation.

Balochistan’s Path to Peace: BNA Leader Surrenders and Government Initiatives

On Wednesday, the head of the militant organization Baloch Nationalist Army, Sir Faraz Bangalzai, along with his colleagues, surrendered to the government and joined the national mainstream, as announced by the caretaker provincial information minister. Achakzai and Provincial Interior Minister Mir Zubair Jamali held a press conference with caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq, who stated that peace and stability are our first priorities. A welcome development for Balochistan, caretaker provincial information minister John Achakzai said in the press conference that the state has decided to take strong steps to bring all the Baloch brothers and sisters fighting in Balochistan into the national mainstream.

To pave the way for prosperity in Balochistan by ending it, he said that the caretaker Prime Minister and Army Chief have worked day and night on this matter. As the first effort in this regard, Gulzar Imam Shambe took the path of negotiation. After separating from Imam Shambe’s BNA, a prohibited organization, Gulzar became the leader of Sarfraz Bengals. However, he also knew that this was a hostile scheme to destroy our territory, according to province interior minister Mir Zubair.

BNA Leader Surrenders, Boosting Balochistan Peace

Unveiling the Shift: BNA Commander Surrenders, Allegations Against India, and the Pursuit of Lasting Peace in Balochistan

Jamali said that the government was preventing injustices and illegal actions. On this occasion, the commander of the banned organization BNA, Sir Faraz Ahmad Bangalzai, along with 70 of his colleagues, announced joining the national trend, saying that the state should join the national trend. I was a government employee; in 2009, a few people seduced me, and I joined the armed struggle along with my colleagues.

India has a hand in all the conspiracies. India is funding armed organizations. After seeing all these things like protection, training, and facilities are being provided, we felt that war and killing of innocent people are being done for personal interests and not for the nation or this land, hence the decision to withdraw from this movement.

Armed organizations are only working on an external agenda. The current Afghan government is also supporting militants active in Balochistan in the same way as the previous Afghan government was doing; there is no difference between the two governments. Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Ka Cutter has said in his tweet on X that peace and stability are our first priority. The surrender of BNA chief Sarfaraz Bangals alias Mureed Baloch along with his colleagues is a welcome development for Pakistan and Balochistan, separatist militants. Our state and institutions are promoting a holistic approach to mainstreaming peace through inclusion, a move that reflects lasting peace, fostering understanding, and rebuilding communities.

Building a Secure Future: Saluting Covert Operation Success

Together, we are paving the way for a harmonious and secure future for our future generations, he said, adding that the efforts of law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies, especially the ISI. Kudos to those who led and planned and executed this complex covert operation.

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