February, 23, 2024
Caretaker PM and Army Chief Back Economy

Caretaker PM and Army Chief Back Economy

Infostani International- The Caretaker Prime Minister affirms ongoing support for government initiatives and encourages the Investment Council to proceed. The Army chief emphasizes the commitment to transform agreements into reality with assistance from friendly countries and expresses a resolute intent to persist in actions against smugglers and hoarders.

Eighth EPICS Committee Meeting chaired by Caretaker Prime Minister: Progress and Initiatives for Economic Development

The EPICS Committee launched the special investment facility, reviewing progress on diverse measures aimed at enhancing the investment climate, strengthening the domestic dispute resolution mechanism, and providing approved policy-making for additional facilities to investors. The eighth EPICS Committee meeting, chaired by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kadar, saw the participation of Chief of Army Staff, Federal Cabinet, Provincial Chief Ministers, and high-level government officials. Federal ministries briefed the meeting on project progress in key sectors and the timely completion of anticipated investments.

The Committee expressed contentment with the overall progress in various sectors under SIFC, including the finalization of Bilateral Investment Agreements with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, along with MoUs with UAE and Kuwait. They appreciated increased economic ties with friendly nations, emphasizing the importance of converting these MoUs into economic reality swiftly. The committee also assessed privatization progress, commending stakeholder cooperation in achieving vital goals and directing the maintenance of momentum. It was agreed to expedite the development of infrastructure to facilitate investors, particularly in remote areas.

Caretaker PM and Army Chief Back Economy
PM terms Balochistan’s socio-economic development vital for peace

Committee’s Resolve for Human Resource Development, Anti-Smuggling Efforts, and Army Support in Economic Recovery Initiatives

Acknowledging the inclusive approach to human resource development for emerging needs in key economic sectors. The committee affirmed its determination to combat smuggling and hoarding. Army Chief General Asim Munir assured the unwavering support of the Pakistan Army for the government’s economic recovery initiatives. In conclusion, the Prime Minister instructed all stakeholders to fully implement various SIFC initiatives, ensuring compliance within the specified period.

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