February, 22, 2024
Caretaker PM: Climate Action, Indus & Gaza Initiatives

Caretaker PM: Climate Action, Indus & Gaza Initiatives

Infostani Sources- Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq emphasized the crucial need for Pakistan to adapt the Indus Basin to environmental impacts and climate change, given that the majority of the population relies on the river for future requirements. Managing the challenge of water availability is of utmost importance. Securing the future through initiatives like Living Indus in Shato is imperative. During his address at the “Young Industries Initiative” event held at the Pakistan Pavilion during the COP 28 conference, he highlighted that Pakistan ranks eighth among countries most affected by climate change. Living Indus represents a significant effort to restore the ecosystem of Sindh, a region highly vulnerable to climate change, within Pakistan’s borders.

The government of Pakistan has a clear stance on the Indus River, and the initiative comprises 25 different strategies aimed at developing and restoring a healthy Indus River. The Prime Minister stressed that industry sustains us, and if we neglect it, it won’t reciprocate. The initiative requires an investment of 11 to 17 billion dollars over the next 15 years. To kickstart Living Indus, Pakistan initiated Recharge Pakistan, marking the first tangible step. This flagship project, supported by nearly $78 million in international climate financing, is central to the country’s efforts to mitigate the impact of future floods and droughts.

Caretaker PM: Advocacy for Climate Action, Regional Stability, and Human Rights

Caretaker PM: Advocacy for Climate Action, Regional Stability, and Human Rights


The Prime Minister actively called upon various stakeholders, including scholars, architects, poets, and literary figures, to actively contribute to global initiatives aimed at combating climate change. During a discussion with the students of the Pakistan Orphan School (Court) Education, who secured the prestigious Zayed Sustainability Award in Coop 28, the Prime Minister emphasized that the exceptionally talented new generation will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the country, underscoring the need for their proper attention.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia. The caretaker prime minister asserted that the conflict in Gaza has the potential to extend beyond its borders. Escalating into a regional conflict without limits. The Prime Minister warned that unless the bombing in the Gaza Strip ceases. The entire region may become embroiled in war. Pakistan advocates for a diplomatic resolution to the Palestinian issue and strongly condemns the killing of civilians by Israel in Palestine.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister expressed concern over India’s serious human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. Emphasizing that regional peace hinges on the resolution of the Kashmir issue. Pakistan insists on resolving the Kashmir dispute in accordance with United Nations resolutions. Kashmiris themselves affirm that Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan.

PM: Afghan Repatriation, Climate Advocacy, and Anti-Terror Commitments

Caretaker PM: Climate Action, Indus & Gaza Initiatives

The Caretaker Prime Minister also disclosed Pakistan’s principled stance on the repatriation of illegal Afghan immigrants. Stating that Pakistan has decided to address political, social, and terrorist challenges by actively repatriating illegal immigrants.

We will take legal action against illegal resident foreigners in accordance with the law. We acknowledge our responsibilities towards refugees, including those without any identity documents residing in our country. The Prime Minister stated that Pakistan has been a robust voice and advocate for climate finance for developing countries. A role recognized by the developed world at the COP 28 meeting. The operationalization of the Fund in Los and D serves as evidence that developed countries have morally accepted the argument for supporting nations not responsible for climate damage.

Pakistan consistently advocates for providing mitigation, climate adaptation, and climate finance to countries most affected by climate disasters. Even if they don’t contribute significantly to carbon emissions. The UAE’s announcement of a $30 billion L&D message fund is considered a positive step in the wrong direction. The Caretaker Prime Minister strongly condemned the firing on a passenger bus in Chilas. Emphasizing that he will not allow the nefarious attempts of anti-national elements to succeed in sabotaging the peace of Gilgit-Baltistan. The ongoing war against terrorists will persist until terrorism is eradicated from Pakistan.

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