February, 23, 2024
Caretaker PM: Fair Elections, Balochistan Development

Caretaker PM: Fair Elections, Balochistan Development

Infostani Sources- Elections will be clean and transparent; who will have the right to vote? Not who? The Election Commission will make these decisions. We are not related to it. The affected card has been played a lot; now we should move forward. Children should be encouraged to work hard; jobs will not be sold,” said the Caretaker Prime Minister.

Assurances and Initiatives: Caretaker PM’s Commitment to Fair Elections and Balochistan Development

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar has again assured that the general elections will be fair and transparent. Speaking to the media, he emphasized that the Election Commission will conduct the elections, and the people’s votes will decide the claims of the political parties. The security situation in Balochistan will improve. Nationalist parties examine things from the point of view of reality. According to the law, the government can ban and terminate anyone. Who will have the right to vote in the election process? Who doesn’t?

These decisions are to be made by the Election Commission; we are not dependent on it. Accusations of rigging are also made by those who themselves have been accused. Deporting illegal immigrants who wanted them back are also critics. Balochistan has been exempted in terms of gas supply because there is a lot of problem here in winter. The cage bridge will be operational by the end of February or early March. The caretaker government does not have a mandate for new projects, yet it has tried to get Saudi and Emirati funds for the Quetta-Khuzdar-Duravia carriageway, with good news expected by February.

Caretaker PM: Fair Elections, Balochistan Development
Fostering Unity and Progress: Caretaker Prime Minister addresses concerns, advocates education, and emphasizes active democracy in Balochistan.

Balochistan: Addressing Domicile Concerns, Empowering Youth, and Upholding Democracy

People of Balochistan have objections to each other’s domicile. After 1970, if one’s domicile is wrong, then action will be taken. The affected car has played a lot; now we should move forward, we should encourage our children to work hard, we should teach them skills. Jobs were being sold for 10, 20 lakh rupees, cancel them; now they will not allow anyone to sell them. Minister. Azam said in the official TV ceremony that all communities living in Balochistan have equal rights. Hazara community has a large number of victims of terrorism. Terrorists have targeted every section of Balochistan, terrorism. Fight against terrorism together.

The Caretaker Prime Minister, in a conversation with the students of the universities of Balochistan, said that active democracy brings political stability. The youth is our valuable capital who will determine the path of the country’s development. In the next 10 years, trade between China and the countries of the region will be worth trillions of dollars. Expected. The country’s constitution does not allow the existence of any militia; such groups that resort to violence on the basis of religion, race, language are not allowed in the constitution. It has allowed the political process to solve the problems.

There is no restriction on participation in elections, assemblies, and the senate. Civil rights protest marchers can be part of the February 8 election; no one is banned. The judicial system exists to ensure rights. The state runs under the constitution and law. Come out of negative thinking and evaluate your role for society. Human society can be formed only by adorning it with the jewel of education.

Prime Minister’s Initiatives: Afghan Resettlement, Balochistan Development, and Agricultural Welfare

The Afghans whom the western countries want to settle have not been sent back. Those who have not registered here have no right to stay here; they have to go back. They can come back with documents. Considering Afghanistan as a free and independent country, they followed international rules regarding the movement of their citizens. Further, a meeting presided over by the Prime Minister was held during the meeting to review the administrative progress in Balochistan. In which a briefing was given on water reservoirs, construction of houses, minerals, communication, law and justice, fisheries, and other sectors.

The Prime Minister directed to solve the problems of water supply soon and speed up the rehabilitation of flood victims and reconstruction of houses. In a meeting with the delegation of the Landlord Action Committee, the Prime Minister assured the supply of electricity for the agricultural tube wells and said that the welfare of the farmers is the top priority. The Prime Minister launched the Youth Skills Development Program and the Electronic Public Procurement Program. He was met by caretaker Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki, in which various issues were discussed.

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