November, 29, 2023
Caretaker PM's Focus: Rights, Stability, Economy

Caretaker PM’s Focus: Rights, Stability, Economy

Infonstani Sources- Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq delivered a comprehensive critique of the exploitation of minorities in India, urging the world to intervene and address human rights violations. The Prime Minister asserted that India is contributing to regional confrontation and instability, highlighting the challenging conditions faced by minorities in the country. He emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to playing a proactive role in promoting global peace and condemned the Israeli army’s hospitals for victimizing the vulnerable, characterizing this brutality as unparalleled even by medieval standards.

Rejecting double standards worldwide regarding the ethics of war and condemning the grotesque and unrealistic justifications for the killing of children in Gaza, the Caretaker Prime Minister addressed the Margalla Dialogue organized by the Islamabad Policy Research Institute. He emphasized the necessity of addressing the challenges faced in the modern era and highlighted that Pakistan, with a population of 240 million, has 65% of its population under the age of 30. He stressed the need to economically harness their potential. Referring to the challenges of climate change, he pointed out that it poses a constant threat.

Caretaker Prime Minister Addresses Global Issues: Climate Change, Regional Stability, and Human Rights Concerns

Caretaker PM's Focus: Rights, Stability, Economy

Dealing with environmental changes requires coordinated cooperation, as a single country cannot manage them alone. The United Nations should take initiatives to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. Regarding the international and regional scenario, the caretaker prime minister emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to contributing to global peace. He pointed out that India is contributing to regional confrontation and instability. Emphasizing the critical nature of the Kashmir issue, which has UN resolutions that need resolution.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir, under India’s illegal rule, argue that India, an alleged exploiter of humanity, cannot claim to be a great democracy while exploiting their fundamental rights. They urge the world to intervene and halt the ongoing human rights violations. The speaker emphasizes the brutality faced by innocent children in Palestine, condemning the killing of 4700 children as unjustifiable. Israel, accused of fulfilling fanaticism through the killing of innocent children, prompts a call for justice to prevail worldwide.

The Caretaker Prime Minister emphasized our enduring and friendly ties with Afghanistan. Highlighting the crucial role of Afghan stability in the region. During a review meeting on the ML One project. Prime Minister assured that the ML One government would prioritize and swiftly implement the project. Stressing the significant foreign investment opportunities in the railway sector. He instructed comprehensive reforms in Pakistan Railways to maximize its potential and ensure the timely achievement of ML One project targets.

Call for International Attention: Dossier Reveals Alleged Genocide and Exploitation of Minorities in India

The construction project requires a focus on transparency. The caretaker prime minister unveiled a comprehensive dossier addressing the exploitation of minorities in India. The dossier was prepared by the Policy Research Institute in Islamabad. Highlights incidents of desecration of places of worship belonging to Muslims, Christians, and other religions. According to the Spree Dossier, India is currently experiencing what is described as the worst genocide in history against Muslims. With Hindutva ideologues specifically targeting places of worship belonging to minority communities.

The dossier urges the international community to address human rights violations in India. In 2021, minorities experienced 294 reported incidents of violence, and the government took custody of 24,496 religious sites in Occupied Kashmir. Today, the caretaker prime minister has scheduled a meeting of the Special Investment Fund Settlement Council (SIFC). The meeting will address investment issues in the country and make significant decisions on economic and financial matters.

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