September, 27, 2023
Caretaker Prime Minister Focuses on Tax System Improvement

Caretaker Prime Minister Focuses on Tax System Improvement

Infostani Reporter-Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq has said that he is aware of the sufferings and problems of the people, he is trying to solve the problems, and the people will get relief by improving the tax system. Will transfer power to the government, I will present Pakistan’s position on the Kashmir issue in the United Nations General Assembly, there is no obstacle to Nawaz Sharif’s return home, if his case is in the court, the courts will decide on it. Administrative measures have helped curb the devaluation of the dollar, curbing the smuggling of fertilizer, sugar, and other essential commodities.

In an interview with private TV, he said that unfortunately, oil prices are increasing in the global market. This is a big challenge for countries like Pakistan, we need to improve our tax system. The rupee has stabilized due to administrative measures, this is a credit to all of us. The Army Chief is a staunch supporter of the implementation of the Constitution, with a focus on capacity building and efficiency improvement of civilian institutions. Businessmen want to protect the community through investment and business.

Sometimes difficult and bitter decisions have to be made in the interest of the state, they are trying to put the least burden on the people, and the people will choose their representatives based on their performance. Anwar-ul-Haq Karan said that he will vote for the person who has an economic recovery plan. There is no question of not holding elections, the Election Commission is making full preparations in this regard. It is our responsibility to assist the Election Commission on the issue of funds and security and we will fulfill this responsibility.

It is the constitutional authority of the Election Commission to give the date of elections. I think that Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari did not make a statement regarding caretaker government, political rhetoric is a different thing. There is no case in Miranib, there was an NAB inquiry that has been closed, and no assets of mine have come up in it. I do not have any dealings with any NGO, and perform services without salary as a Spokesman in Balochistan. I live on my salary. The salaries of parliamentarians, ministers, and prime ministers are low, the salaries of parliamentarians should be equal to the Hajj of the Supreme Court, due to financial difficulties, salary increase is not under consideration.

They are using all the resources to solve the problems of the people, increasing the taxes to increase the resources, and trying to attract domestic and foreign investment. The difference of 80 to 90 rupees in sugar prices is due to smuggling. The value of the dollar will fall further. The United Nations has promised to decide the fate of the disputed region of Kashmir through a referendum. There are various separatist movements in India including Khalistan. Hindutva followers in India do not accept the establishment of Pakistan.

They consider Pakistan as an enemy. Peaceful coexistence by reducing enmity is a good thing, friendship and enmity are not permanent, India is going towards an election process and there is continuity of one party which is having negative effects on the region and Pakistan. Pakistan can respond politically, socially, and economically to the changes taking place in India.

The global war against terrorism should not end after America leaves the region, the international community should help Pakistan and other countries to end terrorism in the context of the global war against terrorism. Nawaz Sharif is a Pakistani, he can return home whenever he wants, and the court will see his case. Besides, the caretaker prime minister along with the delegation reached New York.

Anwar-ul-Haq will attend the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly and address the General Assembly on September 22. In a statement on X, the caretaker Prime Minister said that he is excited to represent Pakistan in the General Assembly.

The written reply of the Ministry of Home Affairs and PTA is unsatisfactory, we have no role in the audio recording:

In the case against the audio leaks, the Ministry of Defense has told the Islamabad High Court that they have no role in the audio recording and no recording has been done in the present case. The court termed the written reply of the Ministry of Home Affairs and PTA as unsatisfactory and again asked for a detailed reply. Justice Babar Sattar heard the petition of Chairman PTI’s wife Bushra Bibi against phone ping and audio leaks, while former Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar’s son Najamul Thaqib’s petition against summoning the parliamentary committee on the issue of audio leaks.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and PTA submitted written replies which the court termed unsatisfactory and again sought a detailed reply. Justice Babar Sattar remarked from the reply that it seems that no one can record the telephonic conversation and no one has the facility to record the conversation. The written responses also did not answer the court’s questions.

This court is giving one last chance by showing patience. The government should answer, otherwise, they will make the intelligence agencies a party and ask for an answer. Advocate Latif Khosa on behalf of the petitioners said that FIA calls Mrs. Bushra Imran daily and asks her to record her voice so that she can do voice matching. Sometimes FIA calls for voice matching sometimes for some other reason. Bushra Bibi is being repeatedly called and harassed, this should be stopped.

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