February, 22, 2024
Ceasefire Extended: Qatar's Efforts and Developments in Gaza

Ceasefire Extended: Qatar’s Efforts and Developments in Gaza

Infostani Sources- The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced an extension of the temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel by 2 days. Hamas and Israel, according to the ministry, have mutually agreed to this extension. Qatar is actively working towards transforming this temporary ceasefire into a permanent one. As per Hamas, both Qatar and Egypt have concurred on the two-day extension. During the ceasefire, both parties have compiled a list resembling contracts for the release of additional prisoners. Notably, today marks the conclusion of the initial 4-day temporary ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel.

Hamas has released a total of 58 people during the 4-day ceasefire in Gaza, handing them over to Israel. Among those released are 39 Israeli citizens, 17 Thais, one Filipino, and one Israeli citizen of Russian origin. Hamas has kept the individuals released in the last 3 days away from public view and has prohibited them from speaking to the media.

An Israeli journalist has provided insights into the reactions of these individuals, emphasizing the absence of violence or mistreatment by Hamas. Furthermore, the United Nations, European Union, NATO, and Iran have collectively called for a delay in concluding the Hamas-Israel war. According to the United Nations, numerous citizens in Gaza have endured 50 days without receiving essential aid.

Ceasefire Extended: Qatar's Efforts and Developments in Gaza

Ceasefire Developments: Detentions, Health Crisis, and Global Calls to End Aggression

The Israeli army detained over 60 Palestinians in the West Bank, and more than 33,550 cases of diarrhea have been reported in Gaza. The European Union condemned the release of funds for illegal Israeli settlements. Jordan has emphasized that a diplomatic solution should begin with an end to brutal aggression.

In a joint live chat on the social media platform X. Elon Musk and Netanyahu concurred that there is no alternative but to destroy Hamas. They both expressed agreement on the necessity of taking this action.  Protests against Israel’s state terrorism in Gaza took place in America, Spain, Glasgow, and Morocco. In the United States, a Jewish organization protested against Israeli atrocities in Gaza and blocked the Manhattan Bridge in New York.

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