February, 22, 2024
Ceasefire Prisoner Swap; Tensions Persist in Israel-Gaza

Ceasefire Prisoner Swap; Tensions Persist in Israel-Gaza

Infostani Sources- Following the temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, the exchange of prisoners continues. On Sunday, Hamas released 13 Israelis and 4 Thai citizens in exchange for 39 Palestinian prisoners. Hamas released 5 women and 8 children, while Israel released 33 children and 6 women. Subsequently, Israel received them. Despite the ceasefire, the Israeli army entered the West Bank area with closed vehicles and bulldozers, resulting in the killing of 6 Palestinians and injuries to 17 others.

During this operation in the Jenin area, the Israeli forces lost the lives of 4 Palestinian youths and demolished numerous houses. Additionally, in Qabatiya, soldiers shot and killed 25-year-old doctor Sham Mal, while his brother sustained serious injuries.

Similarly, the Israeli army shot and killed a 16-year-old youth in Al-Bira. On the other hand, the “Jenin Brigade,” actively opposing Israeli forces in the West Bank, declared their resistance and successfully repelled them on multiple fronts amid the ceasefire. The Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the occupied Palestinian resistance organization Hamas, acknowledged the martyrdom of 14 key commanders, including Ahmed Al-Ghandour, also known as Abuans, a member of the military council and the commander of the northern brigade, in the war against Israeli forces in Gaza.

Ceasefire Amid Allegations: Civilian Losses and War Crimes in Recent Gaza Conflict

Ceasefire Prisoner Swap; Tensions Persist in Israel-Gaza

Several commanders, including Abu Sohaib, the Bait Lahia Battalion Commander, Abu Abdullah, the North Brigade Deputy Commander, and Rayman Syam, the Artillery Brigade Commander, were among those martyred. The New York Times reports that Israel conducted the swiftest civilian massacre in the recent Gaza war. Zionist rabbi Baruch Rosenbloom disclosed the Israeli government’s significant losses during the ground assault on Gaza. According to the report, resistance forces annihilated three large Israeli tanks and eliminated 36 soldiers in a single night.

The Israeli occupation forces face allegations of committing severe war crimes, deliberately targeting houses and structures resulting in the loss of lives, including civilians, women, and children. Amidst the ceasefire, a viral video on social media captures an army officer declaring. “I perform this act in the name of my daughter” before demolishing a building. According to a foreign news agency, the suffering children of Gaza express their desire to study but fear potential attacks.

UN Aid to Gaza, US Accuses Iran of Drone Attack on Israeli Ship

On Sunday, the United Nations delivered aid to northern Gaza, using 16 trucks loaded with medical supplies, food, and water. Additionally, the Israeli city of Nanzana dispatched 200 trucks to the Gaza Strip, with 187 crossing the border in Syria. Simultaneously, the King Salman Relief Center confirmed the entry of 11 trucks carrying food and medical aid into Gaza amidst the ceasefire. In another development, the US has accused Iran of launching a drone attack on an Israeli ship. In the international waters of the Indian Ocean.

A US Defense Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity to foreign news agencies, alleged that an Iranian drone. Specifically, the Shahid 136, targeted a ship belonging to an Israeli billionaire businessman, resulting in partial damage to the vessel. Fortunately, the ship’s crew remained unharmed until assistance arrived.

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