March, 21, 2023
census in the federation

Census in the federation

The issue of the victims will be taken up in the assembly, the civil government is treating husbandry as a hundred canvases, they will support the tale system and won’t allow the right of the fiefdom to be tromped on. ( Census)

Leg pain is hidden in the political Chu Hazman Park but the real problem is running then and there. ( Census)

KARACHI( Report KM Abbasi, Monitoring office) Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Sindh is the only fiefdom that has reservations about the tale, and the People’s Party can support a scientific and real tale, similar to the tale. We can not support counting. It’s tragic that the help promised by the civil government to the flood tide victims has not been fulfilled. However, it’ll be delicate to handle the ministries, If the civil government doesn’t fulfill the pledges. We’re fighting with frugality and severance, not with any chooser, or political rats Zaman is hiding under the bed in the demesne. Bilawal Bhutto, speaking at the induction form of the seed subvention program at the Chief Minister’s House, said that it’s a pity that the help promised by the civil government to the flood tide victims has not been fulfilled. will go The civil government won’t have to fulfill the pledge of 4.7 billion. The matter will be raised in the Federal Cabinet and the National Assembly. However, positive communication will be transferred, If the civil government gives its precedence to the flood tide victims of Sindh and Punjab. However, people will ask us, If the civil government doesn’t fulfill its pledges to the victims. However, how will Pakistan come an agrarian country? During the Asif Zardari period, special attention was given to the agrarian sector, If you do not invest in husbandry. Pakistan is presently facing major profitable difficulties, the pitfalls of terrorism are adding to the country, and the result of the profitable challenges facing the country is with the People’s Party, we raised expostulations to the tale in 2017, in the former tale. Constituency work was done, and its purpose was to profit a spoon, we raised reservations because there was a clear difference in the number of Sindh and other businesses, if the civil government doesn’t see the expostulations of the PP, also it’ll support the Sindh confederation. won’t give There’s no result to our expostulations to the digital tale, may support the tale but won’t support the methodology espoused. I’ll bandy the tale in the confederation, if there are irregularities, we won’t accept it. The political rat is hiding under the bed in Zaman Park, Chu Hai has pain in his leg, and is running around, and politicians like Khan sahib brought division and abomination in politics, rather of the political rat, we need to concentrate on the frugality. Is. The biggest problem in the country is an affectation, the real issues have to be answered, according to private television, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the promised fiscal backing that should have been given by the civil government has not been entered yet. If Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has promised for the flood tide victims also it should be fulfilled else it’ll be delicate for us to hold our ministry.

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