March, 21, 2023
Chief Justice Aamir Farooq

Chief Justice Aamir Farooq

Warrants are only for attendance, can you tell me how to call the accused? You create threats for yourself. If you bring 2 thousand people with you, the matter will be bad: Chief Justice

The sessions court has decided to charge on March 13, so the warrant issued in the election commission case will be heard today in the Islamabad High Court. (Chief Justice)

Islamabad (Saqib Bashir, News Reporter) The Islamabad High Court suspended the arrest warrant of Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana criminal proceedings case and ordered him to appear in person in the session court on Monday, March 13. The court has declared that if Imran Khan does not appear, the order of suspension will become ineffective and the trial court will be able to start the process of declaring him as an advertisement. March 13 has been fixed as the date for imposition. Earlier, Chief Justice Aamir Farooq heard the request to cancel the non-bailable arrest warrant of Imran Khan, Imran Khan’s lawyer said that the trial court granted Imran Khan’s request for exemption from attendance twice. Imran Khan appeared in three courts of Islamabad on February 28. Non-bailable warrants were issued for Imran Khan’s non-appearance in court. The Chief Justice said that those warrants were not for arrest, right? So they are to present the accused in the court, Imran Khan would have appeared before the court, these warrants are not to put the accused in any jail. Tell me how else should the court summon the accused? This is the way to ensure the presence of the accused in the law, one should not try to change the law, the law should be allowed to take its own course, the lawyer said that Imran A hype was created to arrest Khan, we request that Imran Khan’s warrant be canceled. The court inquired if the warrant is canceled, then what will happen? The court is calling for a trial of the case. Tell me the date when Imran Khan will appear. The lawyer said that Imran Khan has serious security in Thar. The IG came to me and told me that all the prisoners are under security, I should take security for myself and others, how can I take security by putting the public at risk? Everyone has threats, they send me letters every day. are done, you create for yourself in Thar, what happened in the High Court last week should also be seen, There was a crowd, do you know who came with what intention, when you come with 2000 people, things will go bad. Do you want to appear in the court or not?, you are still not ready to appear, be fair to the system, according to the trial court, Imran Khan has not appeared even today despite the summons, be fair to the system, system Don’t make fun of me, or I will stop the trial by giving you a date of two months? I will postpone the case, they will also stay at home like Imran Khan.

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