September, 30, 2023
Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial Reflects on His Tenure

Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial Reflects on His Tenure

Islamabad (Jehanzeb Abbasi, Agencies) Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Atta Bandial has said that the court was examined by confusing constitutional issues. This may be my last address, but I may have a different opinion from my nominated Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa Justice Faiz Isa is an admirable human being.

Addressing the new judicial year ceremony in the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice said that the media is the eyes and ears of society, Wrong reporting was also done in the media regarding me, the phrase “Good to you” was given a wrong color, short and sweet decision. The observation of giving was also misreported and presented in sarcastic terms, which I will forgive in the air.

The experience of the Supreme Court was bittersweet, the number of pending cases increased due to bitter political disputes. The Supreme Court had to work in an aggressive and hostile environment, The last judgment on the Audio Leaks Inquiry Commission had explained the environment, protected the Constitution in difficult times, no one was opposed to holding elections within ninety days, political Controversy dominated constitutional debate, legal hurdles to expectations from Supreme Court, procedures for suo motu powers laid out in a judicial decision, only one suo moo in 9 months, suo moo A better procedure is expected from the new Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding powers, thirteen to sixteen hours worked beyond the official time, overall stability will come only with political stability in the country.

Hearing of cases through video link has increased, alternative means of dispute resolution will reduce fifty percent of cases, 18 index in dam funds has put six billion rupees in the government scheme, last month four lakh rupees were collected in dam funds. , the mistakes of the media are passed on, dissent in free thought is the beauty of the judiciary, today the Supreme Court is extremely independent, and the current independence of the judiciary is a source of pride for every citizen, There was a difference of opinion between Justice Qazi Faiz Isa and me. And Justice Qazi Faiz Isa sees life from different angles, Justice Qazi Faiz Isa is an admirable person, I also thank the judges and the media.

Last year highlighted the one-year functioning of the court, In the first year of appointment, the Supreme Court disposed of a record 23 thousand cases, before that the maximum number of cases disposed of in a year was 18 thousand. Pending cases can be reduced to less than 50 thousand, and the number of pending cases can be reduced by two thousand, Many constitutional cases came before the Supreme Court in February 2023, and the court was examined by confusing constitutional issues, strict examination, and environment. Many times the court itself became a victim, I don’t want to repeat the incidents that happened, but it affected the judicial functioning.

Attorney General Mansoor Usman Awan said in his address that the number of pending cases is increasing. Decisions of ordinary citizens should be without delay, for this purpose the Supreme Court should devote its energies to hearing their cases under Article 185, Article 184 Clause 3 of ordinary citizens due to political and high-profile cases. Cases are affected. According to Sabah News, he said that the indiscriminate use of Article 184/3 affects the identity of the Court, There is a need for transparency in the judicial and administrative matters of the Supreme Court, cases of 184/3 are unusual, public interest and fundamental rights. Should be in cases of exercising the power of Article 184/3, the Court must keep in mind the constitutional division of powers.

The principle of separation of powers is not taken into account, the court interferes with the authority of the Parliament and the Executive. Pakistan Bar Council Vice-Chairman Haroon Al-Rashid said that for some time there has been a new way of making brief decisions in the Supreme Court, In most cases, detailed decisions are not issued on time, and even some orders are retired.

There is a common perception that the cases of a few special people are immediately dismissed as soon as they are filed, The common cases are fixed after a long time which makes the people disappointed, the nominated Chief Justice should dispel this impression.

According to NNI, he said that important cases are not fixed for early hearing despite repeated attention, new and urgent cases should be fixed in the same week when convinced. President Supreme Court Bar Abid Zubiri said that our application for general elections should be fixed for an early hearing.

Daughters and sisters of the nation are imprisoned on baseless charges, the court takes notice of forced imprisonment, hopes concrete steps will be taken to end the impression of division in the Supreme Court in the new judicial year, hopes the nominated Chief Justice They will ensure the implementation of the constitution and law. According to Sabah News, 15 members participated in the reference. Justice Yahya Khan Afridi could not attend due to being abroad.

Meanwhile, there is no possibility of a full-court reference in honor of Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial. In response to a question on the farewell full court reference, the chief justice said, “I have not decided on it yet.” Isn’t today’s Valar Eferens enough? You will get bored listening to the same person.

Designated Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa said, “We are also waiting to tell you as soon as we find out, By the way, he has said in his speech today that this may be my last address.” It should be noted that according to tradition, a full court reference is given in honor of every Hajj who retires from the Supreme Court. According to judicial tradition, on Thursday, the nominated Chief Justice will give dinner to all the judges.

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