September, 27, 2023
Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi Visits China

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi Visits China

Lahore (Political Reporter, Express Reporter) Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi arrived in China. The Chief Minister was welcomed at the Beijing Airport by high officials of China and officials of the Pakistani Embassy. Provincial Ministers SM Tanveer, Aamir Mir, Azfar Ali Nasir, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, Chief Secretary, Secretary of Treasury, and other officials were also with him. Acting Chinese Consul General bid farewell to Mohsin Naqvi from Lahore Airport last night. Mohsin Naqvi thanked the Chinese Consul General and said that with the cooperation of China, they want to bring sustainable changes in Punjab in agriculture and other sectors.

A welcome dinner was given by the Pakistani ambassador in Beijing in honor of Mohsin Naqvi, and the official delegation of the Punjab government was given a warm welcome on arrival at the embassy by Pakistani Ambassador Moinul Haque. Mohsin Naqvi said that they are trying to achieve the goal of sustainable development in Punjab by utilizing the experiences of China, Punjab is open and suitable for investment and investment is being facilitated through one window operation, Chinese investors Special incentives will be given for investment in Punjab.

Apart from this, it has been decided to make the urban roads dust-free to prevent smog, the roads will be washed to prevent smog, LWMC has been given the task of washing the roads of Lahore while the Deputy Commissioners are not Action has been directed against sellers of standard fuel. Before leaving for China, a special meeting was held in the Wazira Ali Office under the chairmanship of Mohsin Naqvi to review the measures to tackle smog.

It was informed in the meeting that financial assistance will be provided in collaboration with the World Bank to make the industries environment-friendly. Mohsin Naqvi ordered to ensure the implementation of Smog Prevention and Control Rules 2023 and called for a comprehensive plan from all concerned departments to bring smog to a minimum level across the province. The Caretaker Chief Minister directed that the establishments repeatedly violating the anti-smog policy be sealed for 2 months, and prior affidavits should be taken from the farmers to prevent the burning of rice and other crop residues.

Mohsin Naqvi directed that VICS and other related organizations should ensure the issuance of transport fitness certificates. Environmental experts presented suggestions and recommendations in the meeting.

Ban on going abroad for vice-chancellors of medical universities of Punjab

The caretaker Punjab government has banned the vice-chancellors of medical universities from going abroad. Along with vice-chancellors of medical universities across the province, principals of medical colleges, and executive directors of teaching hospitals have also been banned from going abroad.

Modi’s dream shattered, and Tayyip Erdogan became an obstacle

G20 is an organization of 20 major economies in the world. During the meeting chaired by India Middle East Europe, an agreement was signed for the construction of the Redor. An OU has also been signed. The project aims to reduce the time and fuel cost of long sea routes and strengthen trade links from India to Europe. Two days after the agreement, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed his anger at his country’s non-involvement in this project, saying that this corridor cannot be possible without them. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the European Commission that Turkey may part ways with the European Union if necessary. For the past 24 years, Turkey has been eager to become a member of the European Union, but now the Turkish president has indicated a decrease in this desire.

The United Nations should release the Hurriyat leader, Mashaal Malik

ISLAMABAD (APP) Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Mashaal Hussain Malik expressed his concern over the plight of Hurriyat leaders detained in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and urged the United Nations to play a role in their release while India is committed to human rights. Violations of the disputed territory of Ro, changing the population of the area by giving voting rights to Indian citizens is a violation of international law. By turning it into a military cantonment, the Modi government closed the door to peaceful means of resolving the long-standing conflict. Human rights organizations on their resolutions.

Exemplary performance by the JF-17, concluding Air Exercise Brightstar

Bright Star 2023, an international air exercise involving naval, army, and air forces, in which the Pakistan Air Force successfully participated, concluded at Egypt’s Mohammad Najeeb Military Hall. According to the spokesman of the Pakistan Air Force, a total of 30 countries participated in this two-week exercise, including Pakistan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Greece, and Qatar, among other countries, participated in the exercise.

Its latest JF-17 Thunder fighters demonstrated exemplary performance, This successful participation not only reinforced Pakistan Air Force’s commitment to regional and international cooperation but also highlighted its capabilities and capabilities in a diverse and challenging environment. What began as a training program, Bright Star is now known as a landmark multinational exercise, improving interoperability between multinational forces to counter regional hybrid threats between nations has promoted joint training,  Given the strategic importance of the exercise and its commitment to regional stability and international cooperation, the Pakistan Air Force actively participated in these exercises. While demonstrating, Fakhar Pakistan showcased the capabilities of the JF-17 Thunder aircraft.

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