September, 30, 2023
Chief of Army has expressed

Chief of Army has expressed

Martial law emergency talk is speculation, Army chief has expressed that the formula of national consensus, will overcome every challenge, and ex-servicemen’s organizations should not take the mantle of politics.

8269 operators have been deployed against terrorists, there is no no-go area in the country, and the war will continue until the end of the last terrorist, the security of CPEC is the first priority, Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhary. (Chief)

Islamabad (Khalid Mehmood, Agencies) Spokesman of Pakistan Army, Major General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhary has said that Pakistan Army is a non-political organization, for us all political leaders and parties are respectable. The Pakistan Army and the elected government have a non-political and constitutional relationship, it is not appropriate to give it a political color, the Pakistan Army does not represent any particular political thought or party. He submitted his answer to the Election Commission and the Supreme Court. Society develops only with the supremacy and observance of the law. Dragging the Pakistan Army into politics is not in the interest of the country and the nation, it will spread chaos. Pakistan Army is a national army and does not support any particular party, thought, or ideology. Army has nothing to do with politics. While holding a press briefing at the PR Directorate of IH, he said that in any country where the army was used for politics, chaos spread, and politicians should reinforce the idea of ​​the army being apolitical, high military officials met with the Chief Justice. The details of which cannot be made public, the Army Chief has expressed the formula of having a national consensus, there should be a national consensus in the current situation, things related to martial law and upper sex are mere speculations. Pakistan forces are deployed for elections under Article 245. The Ministry of Defense has given its position to the Election Commission and the Supreme Court in this regard. On December 31, 2022, the Army Chief spoke in Karachi to create consensus among stakeholders to tackle the challenges.

The Army Chief reiterates that the core of the real power is the people of Pakistan, talking against Pakistan’s forces and institutions is not only irresponsible but also unconstitutional. We understand that behind it are some personal and political motives, an agenda is being pushed, and our discipline does not allow us to respond to every accusation. India has been running a disinformation campaign about Pakistan to divert attention from its own problems. The disinformation issue is in front of the world, false flag operation, and propaganda against Pakistan has been India’s slogan. Sadly, some elements in the country knowingly or unknowingly advance their agenda. Negotiations with TTP were the decision of the government of that time, which was also acknowledged, Pakistan forces and terrorists have a military relationship, and our operation will continue until the end of the last terrorist and permanent peace. Pakistan Army will continue to support KP Police in capacity building, intelligence sharing, and joint operations. Retired officers and jawans of the Pakistan Army are our assets, the primary purpose of ex-servicemen’s organizations is to highlight issues, they are not political or commercial in nature and they should not be.

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