September, 27, 2023

China on Wednesday appointed its ambassador to Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD (Kamran Yusuf) China on Wednesday appointed its full-time ambassador to Afghanistan in Kabul. The new Chinese ambassador, Shao Sheng, presented his diplomatic credentials to Taliban Prime Minister Mullah Hasan Akhund at a ceremony held in Kabul. China became the first country to appoint a full-time ambassador to Kabul since the Afghan Taliban came to power in August 2021, in what is partly seen as a big gesture. China has announced formal recognition of the Taliban government, although there is no clarification from either side at this stage. The move comes days after an interview by Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq, in which he said that there is no justification for the government of the Afghan Taliban. No country has yet recognized the Taliban government, although several countries, including the European Union, maintain diplomatic presence in Kabul. According to private TV, the spokesman of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs while talking to foreign media said that the Chinese Ambassador Zhao Qing has taken over his responsibilities. Regarding the appointment of the ambassador, the statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that this is a routine change of the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan, which aims to promote dialogue and cooperation between the two countries, the statement added. It has been said that China’s policy for Afghanistan is clear and sustainable. On the other hand, Pakistan is determined to cooperate with Iran to help ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan. In this regard, Pakistan’s special envoy to Afghanistan Asif Durrani visited Tehran where he met Iranian Foreign Minister Hussain Amir Abdul Lahyan and other top officials. According to an official Iranian handout, Durrani reviewed the political and security situation in Afghanistan as well as the progress. According to Iran’s official news agency, Pakistan is committed to cooperating with Iran to help ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan. He expressed the hope that ongoing consultations between Tehran and Islamabad will help in establishing peace and tranquility in the region. The Iranian Foreign Minister also emphasized the need to support regional initiatives involving neighboring states to solve the challenges in Afghanistan. It should be noted that the dialogue process has been initiated at a time when Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban are facing off against the outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The lack of action by the Afghan Taliban against the outlawed group is hurting the relations between the two neighbors.

The North Korean leader’s visit to Russia expressed interest in rocket technology, an unconditional offer to Moscow for defense and protection of interests, and criticism of the US and Western countries at the meeting.

Moscow, Beijing (Monitoring Desk) North Korean President Kim Jong-un has offered Russian President Vladimir Putin full and unconditional support for Russian defense and interests. Referring to the Ukraine war, the North Korean leader said that his country will always stand with Russia on the anti-imperialist front. The two leaders held talks at the Russian Splicing Center in Vostokheny on Wednesday. In this discussion, there is also the possibility of North Korea supplying Russia with weapons for the Ukraine war. Russian President Kim Jong-un has also assured to provide support in the field of satellites. On the other hand, China says that the head-to-head meeting between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin is related to bilateral relations between North Korea and Russia. On this occasion, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has also praised the relationship between Beijing and the Pyongyang government and said that their country wants to further expand relations with North Korea. Meanwhile, Western countries including the United States are criticizing the meeting between the Russian and North Korean leaders. The United States has said that if North Korea supplies Russia with weapons, it will face serious consequences. Meanwhile, the North Korean leader expressed interest in rocket technology during his visit to Russia. In a statement issued by the Russian President, it is said that the leader of North Korea has expressed a deep interest in rocket technology and that Russia can help North Korea build satellites. Kim Jong-un says that Russian President Putin supports all decisions.

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