September, 30, 2023
China-Pakistan Shaheen 10 joint air exercise

China-Pakistan Shaheen 10 joint air exercise

China-Pakistan Shaheen 10 joint air exercise begins in China with supporting air and ground crews including J-10C and JF-17 Thunder participating.

ISLAMABAD, KARACHI (Khalid Mehmood, Staff Reporter) Pakistan-China Shaheen 10 joint air exercises have started in Jiu Ko An and Benchuan, 17 cities in northwestern China, including Pakistan Air Force’s famous fighter jets J-10C and JF Thunder. Supporting emitter and ground crews are participating in the exercises, according to a spokesperson of the Pakistan Air Force. It will contribute to coordination between participating strategic partners and allied countries standing by each other’s side in every hour of difficulty, along with promoting operational readiness and joint operations. Furthermore, the inclusion of features such as hyper-dwarf, cyberspace, and computing in this air exercise will lead to an increase in the operational capabilities of the Pakistan Air Force in the ever-changing modern military landscape. will help in developing which will strengthen our capability to protect our air borders while facing common challenges, undoubtedly such joint exercises, regional coordination by Pakistan Air Force, and international security And their unwavering commitment to improve their operational capabilities is proof.

3.5 kg gold coin studded with 6426 diamonds for Queen Elizabeth’s first anniversary

London (Online) The British company has produced a gold coin weighing three and a half kilograms on the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II, on which 6426 diamonds are attached. , the basketball-sized coin was produced by the East India Company, although this company is defunct, a person named Tujje Mehta has obtained legal permission to use its name. Not Graded The coin is named The Crown, designed by Sanjeev Mehta and his colleagues. The diameter of the coin is 19.6 inches, 24-carat gold.

Donald Bloom appreciated the sacrifices and achievements of the Punjab Police against terrorism. Security of American citizens, and investors is a top priority, IG Dr. Usman Anwar

Lahore (Syed Musharraf Shah) American Ambassador Donald Bloom met Inspector General Police Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar at the Central Police Office. The American Ambassador appreciated the sacrifices, role, and achievements of the Punjab Police in the fight against terrorism and religious extremism. An agreement was reached between the Punjab Police and the American security agencies to increase the working relationship for the prevention of terrorism and extremism, while the need to improve the representation of the young officers of the Punjab Police in the security training programs of the United States was emphasized. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar said that during the meeting, the security issues of American citizens across Punjab including Lahore, and USAID programs were also taken into consideration. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar while talking to the American delegation said that the foolproof security of the American citizens, investors, and experts coming to the province is the priority for which officers and officials of the Peshal Protection Unit are working day and night. He said that the training quality of the police training institutions would be increased with American cooperation, and the force would be equipped with modern equipment. IG Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar presented a commemorative shield to the American Ambassador.

In the war of 1965, the 16 Punjab Regiment defended Lahore. Two companies fought against 36 enemy companies, and many incidents were recorded in history. Captured two posts, Sher Angan hoisted the Pak flag at Khaldar Best House, Sikandar Shami

Lahore (Asif Mahmood) In the 1965 Indo-Pak War, the 16 Punjab Regiment of Pakistan Army defended Lahore, Two companies of the regiment fought against 36 companies of the enemy for 12 days and prevented them from crossing the Lahore BRB Canal. In this war, 106 soldiers of the Punjab Regiment were martyred, which is the highest martyrdom of any unit in the history of the Pakistan Army. Many incidents of the wars of 1965 and 1971 are recorded in history. There are graves of martyrs of the 1965 and 1971 wars in the Army Martyrs Cemetery in RA Bazar, Lahore. On the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, Ghazi Brigadier Retired Sher Afgan and General Retired Sikandar Shami and other officers of both wars visited the graves of martyrs, offered flowers, and chanted Fatiha. Talking to Express News, Brigadier (Rtd) Sher Afgan said that in the 1965 war, his platoon was ordered not to allow the enemy to cross the BRB canal under any circumstances. Our company captured the Rani Indian post near the Wagah border while the other company captured another Indian post across the Ravi River. The soldiers of the Rangers fought against the Indian army. Two companies of the Punjab Regiment stopped the advance of the enemy. General Ayub Khan also praised this battalion and gave it the title of protector of Lahore. Captain Sagheer Shaheed’s bravery and bravery were recognized by the enemy army itself. Ghazi General (Retd) Sikandar Shami of the war of 1971 said that on our right was India’s Kha Lalar rest house, both armies were trying to capture this rest house. Our commanding officer ordered us to occupy the rest house, Lieutenant Tipu along with 15 men proceeded to occupy the rest house, and it was found that the enemy had laid mines.

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