March, 21, 2023
Chinese president || Chinese spy balloon || Crackdown against kite flying

Chinese president || Chinese spy balloon || Crackdown against kite flying

Supports Iranian measures to protect national interests: Chinese president considers sanctions to be responsible for many crises and insecurity in the world: President Ibrahim Raisi

Beijing (Monitoring Desk, Net News) China announced its support for the measures taken by Iran to protect its interests and rights. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in China on a three-day visit yesterday and met with his Chinese counterpart. Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for an early and appropriate solution to Iran’s nuclear issue. The Chinese President said that China will play a positive role in resuming negotiations for the Iran nuclear deal. Before the visit, the Iranian president wrote an article for a Chinese newspaper in which he said that both countries consider unilateral actions and unjust sanctions to be responsible for many crises and insecurity in the world. In the article, President Ibrahim Raisi described China as an old friend. Xi Jinping said that no matter how the regional and international situation changes, China will continue unwavering friendly cooperation with Iran. He said that the strategic partnership between China and Iran will also continue. China says it wants to expand cooperation with Iran in the fields of trade, agriculture, industry, and infrastructure. It should be noted that in 2015, a nuclear agreement was reached between Iran and world powers, in which Iran was prevented from enriching uranium beyond the specified limit, in return for which it was supposed to end international sanctions. In 2018, the Iran nuclear deal was terminated by then-US President Donald Trump, but after Joe Biden became president, negotiations are underway to restore the deal.

Chinese spy balloon sensors found at sea: US sensors along with all electronic components and the bulk of structure

Washington (Monitoring Desk) The United States says that the main sensors of China’s alleged spy balloon have been removed from the sea. A US military spokesperson said in a statement that critical sensors of an alleged Chinese spy plane shot down off the coast of South Carolina on February 4 have been recovered from the sea. Debris from the balloon has been found in the Atlantic Ocean. The debris found at the scene includes all the electronic pieces and a large part of the structure along with the sensors. According to US officials, the other three high-flying objects shot down by the US military have nothing to do with aliens. Sensors from an alleged Chinese balloon shot down by a US warplane may have been used to collect classified information, a foreign news agency said. China has denied US allegations of espionage, saying the balloon was not for spying purposes. Relations between the US and China are strained after the Chinese balloon was shot down.

Crackdown against kite flying, 44 people arrested, hundreds of kites and bundles of chemical strings recovered, cases registered

Faisalabad (Express Report) During the crackdown by the district police against that selling and buying kite-flying equipment, 144 people were arrested and hundreds of kites and bundles of chemical string were seized from them and cases were registered. According to the police report, Muhammad Abid from Lari Adda, Hasan from Motor Market, Shahbaz from Ko Kya Nawala, Asif, Ali Raza from Mananwala, Muhammad Raza from 30ft Bazar Mananwala stop, Muhammad Afzal from Sugar Mor Gate, Osama from 203 Rab. From Imran, Bilal, Nadeem, Waqas, Hafeez, 66 Feet Bazar Mansoorabad to Muhammad Umar, Shahid Ali, Arsalan from Nishatabad Bridge, Feroze and Nauman from Farooqabad Mohalla, Atiqur Rehman from Amin Town, Bilal, Saddam Hussain, Abdul Wahab from Sant Singh Wala Gate, Adeel Aslam from Mehndi Mohalla Gate, Muzamal from Jhamra Road, Kashmir Chowk. Afzal, Rizwan Shaukat from Faisal Palli, Saifur Rahman from GTS Chowk, Farhan from Jhal Chowk, Junaid from Thien on 40, Usman from Salimi Chowk, Ali Raza from Fatehabad, Adnan Aslam from Al Noor Garden, Sanaullah from Babar Chowk, X Block Madina Town to Naveed, Sir Syed Town to Faizan, Shahroz, Hamad, Khurram from Qadria Chowk, Ali Ilyas from Nasir Nagar, Hasan Raza from Babar Chowk, Majid Hussain from Ghousia Chowk, Rizwan Ali from Sohilabad and Muzaffar Ali from Elahiabad used to sell kite flying goods while carrying them. Dozens of kites containing chemicals were seized from their possession and action was taken.

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