March, 21, 2023
Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping

With the efforts of Chinese President Xi Jinping, negotiations were held in China from March 6 to 10. Both countries will reopen their embassies. America, Pakistan, Iraq, and Oman are welcome.

The aim is to promote good neighborly relations between the two countries and resolve differences through diplomacy: diplomatic relations have been severed since 2016, and the role of the Chinese leadership is commendable: Pakistan

Islamabad, Riyadh, Tehran, Beijing (Khalid Mahmood, Monitoring Desk) With the efforts of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Saudi Arabia, and Iran have reached an agreement to restore diplomatic relations. An agreement has been reached to restore diplomatic relations between Iran. According to the media of Saudi Arabia, negotiations were held between the authorities of Iran and Saudi Arabia from March 6 to 10 with the efforts of President Xi Jinping. The statement said that in response to the steps taken by China to restore good relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the three countries announce that an agreement has been reached between Saudi Arabia and Iran. According to the announcement issued by the Saudi official press agency, China will host the talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran under the agreement between the top leadership of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China. In the statement, it was said that according to the agreement, the two countries will reopen the embassies within two months and respect the sovereignty of the countries and non-interference in their internal affairs. Their aim is to promote good neighborly relations between the two countries and resolve their differences through dialogue and diplomacy, the statement said. The statement said that the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran will hold a meeting to discuss the terms of the agreement. The statement added that the 2001 security cooperation agreement and the 1998 agreement on cooperation in various fields including economy, science, and sports will also be activated. was brought together with leaders from across the Middle East, prompting much speculation in Saudi local and Arab media. Last month, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi visited China, which attracted the attention of the Arab media. The joint statement said Riyadh and Tehran thanked the Chinese leadership for the initiative and praised Oman and Iraq for hosting the previous round of talks. According to the Monitoring Desk, Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to restore diplomatic relations. Relations between the two countries have been severed since 2016. America, Iraq, and the State of Oman have welcomed the decision to restore diplomatic relations, according to the World News Agency, in the negotiations held in Beijing, the capital of China, the restoration of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, with respect for each other’s state sovereignty and internal affairs. Agreeing not to interfere in the route map is arranged. Official news agencies of both countries have also confirmed the agreement on the restoration of diplomatic relations. The joint statement said that Saudi Arabia and Iran have agreed to activate the trade, economic, and investment agreements reached in 1998 and the security cooperation agreements reached in 2001, after which the two countries will visit each other’s capitals. I will open my embassies within two months. The Qatari Broadcasting Corporation has quoted its reporter as claiming that in the past two decades, meetings between high-level officials of Saudi Arabia and Iran have been held in Baghdad, which was stopped during the elections in Iraq in 2021. However, the telephone conversation continued and now the meeting in China proved to be decisive.


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