September, 22, 2023
CNN: Messi wins his first title in US

CNN: Messi wins his first title in US

Wherever he goes (Messi), he produces magic. Said David Beckham, reports told CNN. Lionel Messi has just won the first ever club trophy for Inter Miami since the club came into existence five years ago, back in January 2018. In an interview just a day before the Final against Nashville, the Argentinian said that winning the first club trophy (the League Cup) with Inter Miami tomorrow would be a very beautiful thing for us.

I’m here to make this club better, and I think winning titles with the club is one of the best ways to do so (CNN Sports News). Lionel Messi did the unexpected and won the League Cup trophy with literally the worst side in Major League Soccer (MLS). And that’s why he was brought to the US: to win titles, as you always expect from the best player in the world.

CNN: Messi joined David Beckham’s Miami in July

Leo Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires in July 2023. And he was a free agent, with all eyes of the football world on his future and which club he would play for next. David Beckham didn’t waste any time and straight away took the chance by sending a two-year contract proposal to the World Champion as La Pulga’s return to his boyhood club, FC Barcelona, was ruled out. Messi had other offers on the table, as two European clubs and the Saudi Pro League club Al Hilal approached him.

Al Hilal FC did their best to sign the Argentine by offering him mind-blowing numbers in terms of money, but Messi never considered the Saudi club as his future option. Reports told CNN that Messi always wanted to play in the US at some point in his career, and he said that in an interview back in 2018. With Barcelona’s option unavailable, Messi chose the option of going to the US. And he decided to join David Beckham’s Inter Miami, and he was revealed as an Inter Miami player in the exact middle of July.

In an interview after making his future decision, Messi said that he has achieved everything in football and that the only thing missing was winning a World Cup for the country. After achieving that on December 18, 2022, there’s nothing left. That’s why he decided not to continue in Europe and try a new chapter and a new challenge in the US, as his only intention in Europe was to return to Spain and play for Barcelona, which wasn’t possible (via CNN live news).

Messi’s Leagues Cup Triumph with Miami was like a Movie (via CNN)

Messi made his debut for Inter Miami on July 21 when Miami faced Cruz Azul in the first group stage game of the League Cup at DNV Park in Miami. Some famous names, including Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams, and LeBron James, all came to see the best player in the world play soccer for the very first time in the US (via CNN).  Messi didn’t start the game but came off the bench after the 75-minute mark. The game was going 1-1 when Inter Miami got a freekick right in the last minute of injury time at the edge of the box. And the freekick taker was none other than Lionel Messi.

With all eyes on Messi, the Magic Man doesn’t disappoint. He found the back of the net on that freekick and won the game 2-1 for Inter Miami on his debut (CNN Breaking News). What a dream debut it was for Messi! It wasn’t the first time he had amazed the world with his magic, but it was the first time in the US. David Beckham said after the game that when he saw Inter Miami get a freekick in the last moments of the game, he thought, That’s the way it was written to happen.

And he already knew that Messi would score on that free-kick chance. Messi bagged 10 goals in six games and scored in every single game he played in the League Cup 2023. He miraculously saved Inter Miami whenever they needed him. In the quarterfinal match against Dallas FC, Inter Miami conceded four goals. But scored four, with Messi involved in all four directly or indirectly.

He scored two goals, including an absolute savior freekick once again in the 87th minute of the game when Inter Miami were down by one goal and their dreams were almost shattering, but Messi didn’t let that happen and made it 4-4 with a perfect strike in the top corner on a freekick. Inter Miami won that match on penalties and headed into the semi-finals. Messi scored a long-range beauty in the semi-final match against Philadelphia FC, and Miami won the game comprehensively by a scoreline of 4-1. Inter Miami had to face the best team in MLS now, Nashville FC.

But Messi didn’t stop. But Inter Miami won the Final of the League Cup on penalty shootout. Milestones for both Inter Miami and Leo Messi Miami won their first ever club title, and Messi won his 44th career title, becoming the most decorated player in the history of football with the most titles.

Inter Miami before Messi

Inter Miami were a disaster before Messi joined the team. Their non-winning streak was on the way before Messi joined. But as long as he joined Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, they changed the whole complex. Inter Miami, after these three joined, are on a winning streak of nine games, bagging more than 15 goals. And now the Inter Miami side looks like a big threat for other giants in the US, as Messi’s Miami will go for everything.

Signings of Sergio Busquets & Jordi Alba

The Spaniards Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba both left FC Barcelona together at the end of the last season and were available as free agents in the market. Beckham wasted no time and signed them to help Leo Messi at Inter Miami and for a reunion of friends, as Messi, Busquets, and Alba played together for almost more than 8 years at Barça, where they won everything, including European Championships, Spanish leagues, and Spanish Cups. The addition of Jordi Alba at fullback and Sergio Busquets at midfield has played a very vital and equal role alongside Messi in the success of the US club Inter Miami.

What more can Inter Miami & Messi achieve in the Future?

Inter Miami, after winning the League Cup title, are on their way towards other titles, and Messi’s Miami will go for each possible title they can win. After winning the League Cup, Inter Miami ultimately qualified for the Concacaf Champions League. And after the semi-final win against Cincinnati FC in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup in the last match, Miami has also qualified for the Open Cup Final. With Major League Soccer also coming back to action, Messi and Inter Miami have their eyes on climbing the table as much as possible despite their current last position on the table.

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