March, 21, 2023
Constitution for the puppet

Constitution for the puppet

We removed the puppet from the chair through the constitution, but the thought that brought it did not change, attempts were made to rewrite the constitution for the puppet.

Do not tolerate the forces that break the constitution so that the people get their rights, how long will the sacred cows make laws? NAB law should apply to whomsoever, address

KARACHI (Report: KM Abbasi) Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the establishment has become an institution and has become an invisible part of the constitution, the high judiciary of our country is running with double standards. , the conspiracy to bring Imran Khan as Prime Minister was against the constitution, NAB law should also apply to the judiciary. While addressing the function organized in the Sindh Assembly regarding the golden jubilee of the 1973 Constitution organized by the People’s Party Karachi Division, he said that the forces that break the constitution will not tolerate that the people get their rights. As long as we keep fighting, someone else will take advantage. He said that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto herself went to the political opponents and talked about the Charter of Democracy, we made the Northern Areas into Gilgit-Baltistan, in the past governments used to send political opponents to jail, the People’s Party plan of 2013 ( N) League continued, to break our political understanding, a selected was launched and made the Prime Minister, who said that the Prime Minister was not made to find out the price of tomatoes and potatoes. Bilawal Bhutto severely criticized and said that he became the Prime Minister to benefit himself and his family. We removed this puppet prime minister from the chair through the constitution, this person was brought in to conspire against the constitution, their problem is not the 18th amendment but the 1973 constitution. He said that the judiciary and the media are divided, and this situation is still good for the non-democratic forces, while the most important problem of the common man is inflation, poverty, and unemployment. Terrorists are taking advantage because of our internecine wars, we constitutionally removed this prime minister but still, his mind has not changed. Chairman PP Bilawal Bhutto said that we don’t know how long we will bear the consequences of the damage done in 3 years. As the Supreme Court is running with double standards, how long will it last? The Prime Minister of Larkana was hanged, justice has not been done to date, and the Judiciary has made a joke of itself for the Prime Minister of Zaman Park, two-thousand system cannot work, and we will not tolerate it. Criticizing Imran Khan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that one person divided the judiciary, media, and establishment, that person is gone but the thought that brought him is still there, the conspiracy to bring Imran Khan as Prime Minister is against the constitution. Imran Khan did not work for the betterment of the country, people are suffering the consequences today. He said that an attempt was made to rewrite the constitution by twisting it for Ladley, how long will the sacred cow make laws? If a common man speaks against the army and the judiciary, he will go to jail. Bilawal Bhutto said that the Golden Jubilee of the 1973 Constitution is being celebrated across the country, the first resolution in favor of Pakistan was passed in the Sindh Assembly, Sindh is the province whose Prime Minister Bhutto laid the foundation of the Constitution of Pakistan. The Constitution of 1973 is the trust of Bhutto Shaheed, the Constitution of Pakistan is an agreement between the state and the citizens, Pakistan is a country of democrats. Chairman PPP said that when the government is being formed, an attempt is being made to rob it, every citizen has the right to choose their own representative, and the people have the right to vote because of the constitution of Pakistan. The people can decide the governance of this country only by using their rights.

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