February, 23, 2024
COP 28: Global Pact to End Conventional Fuels

COP 28: Global Pact to End Conventional Fuels

Infostani Sources- The COP 28 conference marked a historic milestone as approximately 200 countries globally united in a groundbreaking agreement to cease the utilization of conventional fuels. This momentous decision, aimed at safeguarding the planet from the dire consequences of climate change, transpired during the World Environment Conference COP 28, hosted under the auspices of the United Nations in Dubai starting on November 30.

This pioneering accord signifies the first-ever commitment by nations to progressively diminish their reliance on crude oil, gas, and coal. The extensive two-week conference witnessed protracted negotiations, portraying a collective determination to terminate the use of conventional fuels, a measure long advocated by scientists as the last hope to avert a climate catastrophe.

COP 28 Agreement: Historic Accord to End Conventional Fuels

COP 28: Global Pact to End Conventional Fuels

Sultan Al Jaber, the President of COP 28, hailed the agreement as historic. Emphasizing that its true success hinges on its effective implementation. Al Jaber underscored the imperative need for concrete steps to execute the terms of the agreement. Highlighting a united global effort to relinquish conventional fuels. Delegates from the majority of participating countries expressed their elation regarding the agreement. Espinbarth Eddy, Norway’s Foreign Minister. Remarked that this unprecedented accord symbolizes the first instance of global unity to discontinue the use of crude fuels.

Throughout the conference, over 100 nations advocated for more robust language in the agreement. Pushing for a swifter phase-out of crude oil, natural gas, and coal. This proposition faced opposition from OPEC countries. Despite the initially scheduled conclusion of COP 28 on December 12. An additional day was appended to the conference after negotiations failed to yield an agreement. Despite concerns among some observers about the potential failure of the talks. The extended duration of the conference reflected the resilience and determination to forge a comprehensive and impactful agreement.

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