September, 27, 2023
Court interferes with the Parliament

Court interferes with the Parliament

End the joke of the NATO election by not recognizing the right of Parliament to legislate. The Supreme Court should not interfere in the Parliament, the Chief Justice should reduce the conflict between the institutions

What’s wrong with making a full court? If they hear 17 questions instead of three, uncertainty will end, politicians should also sit down and talk about elections, interview

Islamabad (Express Reporter, News Agencies) Speaker of National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has said that the behavior of tunneling the Parliament will have dangerous consequences, and the Chief Justice should reduce the atmosphere of conflict in the institutions. If the Supreme Court interferes with the Parliament, it will also violate its limits, if the Parliament’s right to legislate is not recognized, then the mockery of the election will also end. In an interview with the foreign media, the speaker of the National Assembly said that the government should also give up stubbornness, and politicians should sit down and discuss the elections. The judiciary should not be answerable to Parliament. Elections are not a matter of two months earlier or later. The problem is that the elections are transparent and peaceful. He said that he is unable to understand what is wrong with forming a full court. If 17 cases are heard instead of three, uncertainty will end. The Supreme Court, which is preventing the elected representatives of the people from making laws, had given the right to amend the law to the military dictator Pervez Musharraf. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that the Parliament is the mother of the Constitution, from where the Constitution was born, and according to the Constitution of Pakistan, the power will be exercised by the elected representatives of the people, no other institution has this authority. Legislation is the power of the Parliament and if it is imposed that only what the Supreme Court says will be enacted, then the constitutional supremacy of the Parliament will end. According to him, all the constitutional institutions of the state should not work within their limits. He said that he does not know why this is happening and what factors are behind it. But there is a great responsibility on the part of the Supreme Court to consider whether the country’s interest is not being harmed because of their behavior. Are we not making our parliament obsolete? The Speaker of the National Assembly further said that the Army Chief has expressed his belief in the commitment to the Constitution and the supremacy of the Parliament. The Chief Justice should bring down the conflict in the institutions otherwise he may face embarrassment tomorrow due to his actions. Parvez Ashraf said that division is necessary for politics because democracy cannot function without disagreement. Still, if this division comes to the Supreme Court, then the judiciary cannot function. Speaker National Assembly said that the resignations of PTI cannot be reconsidered. If the court favors the PTI members, they can return to the assembly. On the question that the judiciary will not remove Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif like Yusuf Raza Gilani for disobeying court orders? Pervez Ashraf said that the elected Prime Minister should not be sent home on court orders. No confidence is the constitutional and democratic way to remove the Prime Minister, which is how PTI chief Imran Khan was removed.

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