September, 30, 2023
Cyclone Threatens Coastal Areas

Cyclone Threatens Coastal Areas

The Pakistani Army has successfully relocated 60,000 individuals to secure locations. Ishma, Sajawal, previously in danger, has now been moved to Badin. There is a possibility of flight cancellations, as warned by Sherry. Furthermore, special teams from the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) are actively engaged in resolving any issues related to power supply. (Cyclone Fury)

The storm is positioned 310 kilometers south of Karachi, causing flooding, heavy rainfall, and dusty winds in numerous districts. As a result, the water has surged onto the daily road of Seaview. (Cyclone Fury)

Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore (Express Representatives, Monitoring One, Agencies) Once again, the sea toucan in the Arabian Sea has approached Sub Pir Joy Karachi. The storm is currently located 310 kilometers south of Karachi, with a distance of 300 kilometers from Tatla and 240 kilometers from Keti Bandar. On Thursday evening, the cyclone is expected to make landfall in Keti Bandar, Sindh, and Indian Gujarat. The anticipated storm surge may reach heights of 2 to 2.5 meters. Until June 16, Karachi, Hyderabad, Muhammad and Muhammad Khan, Mahd and Asyar, Shaheed Benazirabad, and Sanghar may experience heavy rainfall accompanied by thunder and dusty winds. On Wednesday, there was a sea flood at C Dal, causing the water to breach the protective embankment and reach the sub-road. The Pakistan Army is currently in the process of evacuating people to safety, with 60,442 out of 73,843 individuals already relocated. Relief camps have been established in Thatta, Sajawal, and Badin.

According to the latest cyclone alert issued by the Meteorological Department on Wednesday night, the cyclone in the Arabian Sea approached Karachi on Monday, located 310 kilometers south of the city. The sea toucan phenomenon has brought the storm 60 kilometers closer to Karachi. The storm is currently positioned 300 kilometers from Tatla and 240 kilometers from Keti Bandar. The Meteorological Department predicts waves as high as 30 feet in the center and sides of the storm. Coastal communities in Sindh and Balochistan are at risk of storm surges due to the potential impact of the cyclone. In Balochistan’s coastal areas, including Sonmiani, Dahm Betti, Mubarak, and Beech, wave heights of up to 8 feet may be recorded. The coastal areas of rural Sindh, such as Kharo Jahan, Keti Bandar, Ghoda Bari, and Badin, could experience waves up to 10 feet. On Wednesday, the sea swelled at Sea Wave. The Meteorological Department also forecasts stormy conditions and rain in the Hub and Lasbela districts of Balochistan. Fishermen are advised against venturing into the open sea until June 17.

According to a representative from Hyderabad, Cyclone Hyperjoy is not expected to hit Keti Bandar in Thatta district but is projected to cross Thar district at Sadoi, bordering Diplo Tehsil, on Friday at 5:00 AM. Meteorologists suggest that the cyclone, which began on June 4, will travel approximately 2250 kilometers and conclude in Parkar Nagar in Tharparkar tehsil on Friday night. It is currently 220 kilometers away and moving continuously northeast. Initial predictions indicated that B Pir Joy would pass through Keti Bandar, but due to its northeastward trajectory, it will first make landfall along the coast of Bhoj in Gujarat, India. The storm will then traverse the region on Thursday evening before turning towards Pakistan. According to meteorologists, the cyclone will pass through Shakur Dhand, which is a shared area between Pakistan and India, and enter Pakistani territory at Sadui, located before the run-off point. As the cyclone progresses, the pressure of the accompanying stormy winds will gradually decrease. Meteorologists anticipate that the cyclone will transition from a highly dangerous state to a low-pressure system upon reaching Sadui. However, heavy rains, gale-force winds, and thunderstorms will persist due to the strong winds associated with the cyclone.

In other news, the 7-member crew of a vessel that experienced engine failure in the open sea has been successfully rescued, according to a spokesperson from the Maritime Security Agency. Along the coast, the crew was deployed, and the police force has also been mobilized. The district administration has been dispatched to Keti Bandar, Badin, and nearby areas to facilitate evacuation and provide search and rescue operations. The army has relocated 60,442 out of 73,843 individuals to safe locations, and evacuation efforts are ongoing. Over 82% of the population residing near the coastal belt has been moved to secure places. The Pakistan Army has set up 9 relief camps in Thatta, 14 in Sajawal, and an additional 140 camps in Badin.


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