September, 22, 2023
Decisions cannot be overruled by the circular

Decisions cannot be overruled by the circular

Pushing decisions should be avoided, every case hears the same 3 seeds, do they only make decisions for Imran, Justice Mazahar’s case should be sent to the Atal Council: Press conference in London

The decisions cannot be overruled by the circular: Rana Shah is equal to the scale or crisis, Khawaja Asif Azam Nazir, Maryam and Nagzeb Niazi, Babar Awan, Khawar match Kesar Bega: Ahsan Iqbal

Andan (Monitoring Desk, INP) The leader of Muslim League (N) and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that the full court has been formed in the Election Commission case, not because of some Turkyar Barhi, but because it is a national problem.  In this group, two groups gave a decision against me. In every case, these three seeds come forward and decide the destiny of Pakistan. What is the interest in the sheik of Tamiman? They want to impose arbitrary decisions on the nation. While talking to the media in London, Nawaz Sharif further said that the decision of the full court will be accepted by all and we also have confidence in it, but three members are going to the left of Beni. What is happening today seems to me to be a continuation of 2017. They have done dirty things to Pakistan and the decisions of these three have brought them to the brink of disaster. He said that we also have full confidence in the full court, but they are higher, two of them are the ones who gave the verdicts against Nawaz Sharif and every verdict is coming against us, but they are sitting. The whole nation has no faith in the decision of three judges, not only one person and his name is Imran Khan. He said that when everyone has a unanimous voice, then why is there stubbornness, why is it being insisted that these three judges will remain in the middle? There are many arbitrators in the Supreme Court, so why do only these three, in every case these three parties come forward and decide the fate of Pakistan? If there is a wrong decision, it will be 500 dollars. What former Army Chief General Bajwa is saying right now, doesn’t it become a motto that injustice was done to Nawaz Sharif and a wrong decision was pronounced? He said that one of our seeds is Shaukat Siddiqui, and what he has done should have been investigated at least, he was thrown out because he was speaking against the mood of Saqib Nisar, but he had spoke, Instead of giving justice, they were dismissed from the beginning, where there is this standard of justice, then God is the guardian of the justice system. You must have heard the audio leaks of Saqib Nisar Sahib and it is more important than my answer about him, if you listen then you will know what he is doing, there are also those audio leaks of Saqib Nisar Sahib in which He has said that Nawaz Sharif and Maryam should be punished and Imran Khan should be brought. He said this when he was the Chief Justice. This should also be investigated. He said that politics is being done here for the sake of one servant and such decisions are made for the sake of one servant, the name of the person for whom all the decisions were made is Imran Khan. Does the judiciary have to make decisions only for Imran Khan? He said that if tears came from fear of Allah in the eyes of Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial, it is a good thing and he should think about it.

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