February, 23, 2024
Defense Secretary Austin Hospitalized Again After Cancer Treatment

Defense Secretary Austin Hospitalized Again After Cancer Treatment

Infostani International: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized on Sunday due to symptoms indicating an urgent bladder issue, as confirmed by the Pentagon. This development comes amidst previous health concerns, including a recent diagnosis of prostate cancer, raising questions about transparency and communication within the administration.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Hospitalized for an Emergent Bladder Issue

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin experienced symptoms suggesting an emergent bladder issue, prompting his transport to the hospital on Sunday, as announced by the Pentagon.

On Sunday afternoon, Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks assumed the duties of Austin’s office.

The Pentagon Press Secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder stated that notifications had been made to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the White House, and Congress.

Austin remained hospitalized as of Sunday evening, according to the Pentagon.

This announcement came just weeks after Austin’s diagnosis of prostate cancer in early December, with a subsequent hospitalization on Dec. 22 for a related procedure.

Defense Secretary Austin Hospitalized Again After Cancer Treatment
Lloyd Austin hospitalized for a bladder issue, transfers duties to deputy defense secretary

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Hospitalization and Disclosure Apology

Following the procedure, Austin transferred his authority to Hicks the next day. However, neither Hicks nor President Biden were aware of Austin’s hospitalization. He was hospitalized again on Jan. 1 due to complications from the initial procedure. Biden did not learn of the hospitalization until Jan. 4.

Congress members criticized Austin for not disclosing the diagnosis and treatment to the president and lawmakers. Consequently, the 70-year-old held a press conference earlier this month to apologize.

“We did not handle this right and I did not handle this right,” Austin stated. “I should have informed the president about my cancer diagnosis. I should have also informed my team and the American public, and I take full responsibility.”

The Pentagon mentioned that Austin’s security detail transported him to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Sunday and that updates on his condition would be provided.