March, 21, 2023
Dera Ismail Khan is a part of CPEC

Dera Ismail Khan is a part of CPEC

They have put money in their pockets, the rest of our country will find it difficult. In the next opportunity, let us see the destiny of the country change: Address in Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar

Dera Ismail Khan (Representatives of Express Agencies and Mir Azam Sehbaz Sharif) have said that when I took the oath, I did not know that the economy of Pakistan would be so large. It has happened and Pakistan is going bankrupt, but the efforts of the coalition government to Pakistan Avoid going bankrupt.

Laila and Bahshatgardi is a temptation and a disaster for the country, its head will be crushed. The watch thief ruined the honor of the country. Speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony of various development projects in Dera Ismail Khan, he said that development works were done in our Pakistan till 2017 and the subsequent government put a lid on everything.

The western route up to Dera Ismail Khan is a part of CPEC and was fully planned till 2017, but the government that came later put the projects in cold storage along with sinking the economy. The talk of progress and prosperity is over. The Chilean government and other countries were being exploited by Imran Niazi, the head of the government at that time, that if I tell one of these incidents, everyone will be surprised.

Speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony of various development projects in Dera Ismail Khan

There is no doubt that there were many challenges and then the floods wreaked havoc and Pakistan’s treasury was empty but we handed over 88 billion rupees from our own pockets to the flood victims. There is a recession in the whole world and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has made the oil prices skyrocket, due to which it is impossible for Pakistan to get oil at reasonable prices.

He also said that our government has 8 months left in which we will work on these projects and after that there will be elections in which The people of Pakistan have to decide and vote for the seller of the watch made of the model of the Kaaba, these are the true servants of the people. I am going to organize a comprehensive meeting to prevent the incidents of terrorism and to crush this scourge and use all resources to fight terrorism so that peace can be established in Pakistan twice.

The government will crush terrorism together with the provinces

He said that when he came here a few months ago, water was visible everywhere. Due to the wrong planning of the previous government, there was a disaster in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Go, we will not sit with China. Imran Khan respects Pakistan , gifts are not given to a person but to the country, Imran Khan saved the clock with the model of Kaaba, it was given to Pakistan not you.

Gifts are meant to increase relationship and not to sell, money was pocketed by selling gifts, Pakistan was disrespected due to such actions. When I filed my complaint, I did not realize that the economy is in a bad state, 22 crore people need not worry, we will keep watch and the people will sleep peacefully at night. If we get a chance in the next 5 years, we will change the destiny of the country, Pakistan will move forward with hard work and work, not slogans.

The watch thief made the country infamous in the world, sank the economy and damaged relations with friendly countries. People should not worry, they will get the country out of trouble, China will not sit until flood victims are resettled in their homes, development projects worth billions of rupees will bring development and prosperity to South Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Dera Ismail Khan. During its tenure, the former government kept the development projects on hold, sank the economy which halted growth and prosperity, angering even the friendly countries.

Earlier, the Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for Chashma Right Bank Canal Rehabilitation, Chashma Right Bank Canal Lift Low Gravity and Chashma Hydel Power Project, Tank Zam Dam, Western Route Motorway Park of CPEC, Singo Section and Gomal University Pahar Ur Campus. . He said that various flood-affected roads, Also inaugurated the rehabilitation work of Hind and Grid stations. Taking stock of the development projects in Pali Ka Pahar, the Prime Minister said that DI Khan and Mianwali are the same areas, adding them to the stream of development.

These areas will prosper through the western route of Ka Pak

The Prime Minister inaugurated several Marwat campuses of Bannu University and laid the foundation stone of the construction work in the University of Marwat. He also inaugurated the Dera Ismail Khan Pura Service Center. Apart from this, Shahbaz Sharif congratulated Chanda on taking over as Prime Minister of Nepal and said that he is willing to work with him to further strengthen bilateral relations and regional cooperation.

Shahbaz Sharif spoke to the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on telephone and invited him to attend the international conference on Clements Reliance Pakistan to be jointly hosted with the United Nations on January 9 in Geneva. He said there is a need for continued international support and seeding to tackle the difficult challenge of rehabilitation and reconstruction of flood-affected areas and combating the adverse effects of climate change in the future.

While addressing the award ceremony of Kamal Hai Bachur Short Film Festival, the Prime Minister announced the formation of a committee to bring forward the talent of the youth and said that this committee will bring forward the talent of the youth across the country and promote culture. will also play a key role, if Pakistan wants to develop and move forward, then the key is in the hands of our young generation, for this the government is ready to shower all the resources at the feet of the youth.

Brought the positive identity to the world. The dream of Quaid-i-Azam is fulfilled only by our young generation. The Information Minister has talked about sending 15 youth who have taken a prominent position in the film festival on scholarship, this number is very less, its number should be increased to 50 including 25 boys and 25 girls. According to online, Shahbaz Sharif called for the working report of the federal cabinet till December 31, while approved the extension of the term of trade officers by 6 months.

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