September, 26, 2023
Dollar Drops 1.78 Rupees Amid Currency Crackdown

Dollar Drops 1.78 Rupees Amid Currency Crackdown

In the interbank, the dollar decreased by 1 rupee 78 paise to 301 rupees 16 paise, a crackdown on the illegal currency business. Continued degradation from. Gold further Rs 2600 per tola, fell in the stock market, and investors lost Rs 18 billion, a decrease of 147 points.

KARACHI (Report: Ehtesham Mufti) Law enforcement agencies have launched intelligence-based operations against 270 elements involved in the illegal trading of handi and currency and the dollar will fall to the level of Rs 250 and Rs 250 on a phased basis in the coming days. Due to forecasts, the dollar continued to depreciate in both foreign exchange markets on Monday, due to which the interbank rate of the dollar fell below Rs 302, while the open rate decreased to Rs 300. The value decreased by Rs 1 78 paise to close at Rs 301 16 paise, similarly, the open market rate of the dollar closed at the level of Rs 300 after a decrease of Rs 4. In this way, contrary to tradition, the open rate of the dollar has also decreased by 1 rupee 16 paise from the interbank rate. Predictions of a gradual decline in the value of the dollar to Rs 270 and 250 have forced dollar holders to sell their reserves. The inflow of remittances through the legal channel has increased since August 1. An increase of 3 percent has been recorded. Meanwhile, in the local bullion markets, the prices of gold per tola and 10 grams decreased further on Monday by Rs 2600 and 2229 respectively, as a result of which the price of gold per tola decreased to Rs 209400 and the price of gold per 10 grams. It decreased to the level of 179527 rupees. Apart from this, due to the non-visit of the Saudi crown prince, the announcement of the expected Saudi investment in Pakistan has been delayed and due to fears of a possible increase in interest rates, the Pakistan Stock Exchange remained bearish after fluctuations on Monday. The psychological level of 46000 points also fell. 56.20% share prices fell due to the bear market while investors lost another 18 billion 88 crore 49 lakh 35 thousand rupees, the KSE 100 index closed at the level of 45865.73 points with a decrease of 147.76 points at the end of the trade.

Dozens on Jacobabad bypass, 6 trucks seized on Quetta-Zhob route, Afghanistan items were to be smuggled, Punjab government gave a list of smugglers, bettors to FIA, 5 groups of Faisalabad earned billions.

Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta (Representatives, news agencies) During the operation against sugar smugglers and hoarders from Lahore to Peshawar and from Karachi to Quetta, thousands more sacks were brought out, while the price per kg fell to 165 in many cities. Is. According to the details, the Punjab government has decided to exempt sugar owners from registration of warehouses in mills. In this regard, the Sugar Supply Chain Management Order 2021 will be amended. Meanwhile, the government has directed the Deputy Commissioners of District Rahim Yar Khan, DG Khan, Rajanpur, Mianwali, Bhakkar, and Attock to keep a complete eye on the movement of sugar. He has provided the list of sugar dealers involved in smuggling and betting to the FIA. 49 hundred sacks of sugar were brought out in Gujar Anwala and 5 godowns were sealed. In Faisalabad, sugar which was sold at 190 to 210 rupees, started selling at 160 to 170 rupees per kg, but before that 5 big groups earned billions of rupees. Citizens have demanded that action should be taken against those who sell flour at a high price, which is being sold at Rs 140 to 160 per kg. 1428 sacks of sugar were raided in the Islamabad Commission Shop located in the Chabutra area of ​​Kaler Syedan. The Stunt Commissioner sealed the warehouse and sent the report to the Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi. 700 sacks were taken from a warehouse in Pachand, a suburb of Lawa. 8 sobori were brought from another warehouse adjacent to the same warehouse. However, due to the pressure of the political personality, the accused Irfan and Mushtaq were returned. According to the sources, there are more than 5 thousand sacks in Pachanand which were bought from 45 hundred to 5 thousand rupees and it is going down to 85 hundred to 9 thousand rupees. In this regard, when the office of stunt commissioner Lawah was contacted, Reader Elias refused to capture 800 sacks of sugar. Sugar and ghee stored in the Jalalpur Sharif area of ​​Dhariala Jalap were imported and fined 25 thousand rupees. In the Chakwal area, 370 sacks of 50 kg sugar, 330 bags of 11 thousand kg rice, and 1815 kg ghee were brought and the warehouse was sealed. In Karachi, sugar has increased from 10 rupees to 165 rupees. More than 2 thousand sacks of sugar were brought to Sukkur. According to the sources, these stalls will be set up and sold at Rs 147 per kg. More than 15,000 sacks of sugar, wheat, and fertilizer were seized on the Jacobabad bypass. These trucks were being transported to Matta from Sindh and Punjab on the way to Jacobabad, from where these items were to be smuggled to Afghanistan. 52 hundred sacks were removed from two godowns in Inayat Clay Bazaar of Bajaur. 2 godowns were sealed in Taimergarh after bringing 2950. Due to the closure of the Pak-Afghan border, a bag of sugar in Peshawar after a decrease of Rs. 16,000 bags of 5 kg sugar were brought out in Mingora and Khawaza Khela, and 2 godowns were sealed, while 2 accused named Hussain Ali and Sadiq were arrested. 33 thousand sacks of sugar and 2500 sacks of fertilizer were seized from 6 godowns in Batkhela and the employees were arrested. Customs officials and FC brought 26 hundred bags of sugar from 6 trucks on the Quetta-Zhob route.

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