September, 30, 2023
Economic crisis in the country

Economic crisis in the country

There is an economic crisis in the country and with IMF conditions, it will not be difficult to release funds for elections, it will take 5 months to complete the operation mission against terrorists, and notification.

In light of the views of the Ministry of Finance, Defense, and law enforcement agencies, it is not possible to hold peaceful and transparent elections at all times, the President was informed. (economic crisis)

Islamabad (Saqib Darek, News Agencies) The Election Commission has issued an order to postpone the April 30 elections in Punjab. He has set the polling date as October 8, withdrawing the schedule issued on March 8. President Arif Alvi was informed that the elections were postponed under Article 218(3) Section 58 and 8C of the Election Act 2017. In the notification, it was stated that as all the departments met, it is not possible to conduct timely, peaceful, fair, and transparent elections in light of the views of the Ministry of Finance, Interior, Defense, and law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, the government showed an inability to provide military forces for security and the finance ministry to provide funds. The Interior Secretary informed about the increasing incidents of terrorism. The Special Secretary made transparent and peaceful elections impossible. The Ministry of Defense has said that it will not be possible to deploy the Pakistan Army at the holing stations. IG Punjab informed that it will take 5 months to complete the operation against the terrorists while there is a shortage of 3 lakh 86 thousand 1823 personnel in the province. The Election Commission said that this shortfall can be filled by deploying the army and experts, however, the Ministry of Interior said that civil and armed forces will not be available for Abuti as he is responsible for the protection of borders, internal security, and the security of foreigners. Minister Abdullah said that if political leaders are on the hit list of terrorists, they can be targeted in the election campaign. The notification stated that due to the economic crisis in the country and the involvement of the IMF, it will be difficult to release funds for the KP and Punjab assembly elections. It should be noted that on the order of the Supreme Court, the election schedule for the Punjab Assembly elections was fixed on April 30. According to the APP, the decree signed by the Chairman and the four members of the Election Commission states the dissolution of the Manjab Assembly. After that wrote a letter to the governor on January 24 to give a date for general elections between April 9 and 13. Another reminder was written on January 29, so we did not set a date. On February 1, the governor asked the commission to consult with all parties regarding the economic situation and security concerns. Meanwhile, on a writ petition filed in the Lahore High Court, a decision was given that the Election Commission should give a date after consulting the Governor. On which the consultation started, however, the position of the governor was taken that he did not dissolve the assembly, therefore it is not his responsibility. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court took notice of itself. Apart from this, the date of the April 9 polling was set on February 20 by the President. In light of the Supreme Court’s decision, the Commission on March 3 proposed to the President to propose a date between April 30 and May 7.

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