March, 21, 2023
Election Commission will display the list of candidates

Election Commission will display the list of candidates

In Punjab, nomination papers will be submitted from March 12 to March 14, scrutiny will be conducted on March 22, and the final list will be released on April 5. By-elections will also be held on April 30 for Imran’s 6 vacant seats. (Election Commission)

Meeting of the Governor and the Election Commission in Peshawar, giving the date is more difficult than seeing the moon of Eid: Ghulam Ali, a seeker on funds, security arrangements, treasury, and admission today.

Islamabad (journalists, monitoring desk, agencies) The Election Commission has released the schedule for the general elections of the provincial assembly in Punjab on April 30. Election activities in Punjab will start on March 11. The public notice will be issued on the same day, the candidate’s nominations can be submitted from March 12 to 14, the Election Commission will display the list of candidates on March 15, and the nomination papers will be scrutinized on March 22. Appeals against the acceptance or rejection of papers by the returning officers can be submitted till March 27. Election tribunals will dispose of the appeals till April 3. The revised list of candidates will be released on April 14. Nomination papers can be withdrawn till April 5 and the final list of candidates will be released on the same day, election symbols will be allotted to the candidates on April 6 while polling for the Punjab Assembly elections will be held on April 30. According to the election schedule, the political parties will have to submit the priority lists for women and minority-reserved seats to the returning officer by March 14. President Arif Alvi had approved the date of April 30 for the Punjab Assembly elections. Apart from this, the Election Commission has also released the election schedule for the 6 seats of the National Assembly that became vacant after the victory of Imran Khan. Polling for by-elections in NA 22 Mardan, NA 24 Char Sada, NA 31 Peshawar, NA 108 Faisalabad, NA 118 Nikana Sahib, and NA 239 Karachi will also be held on April 30. The schedule regarding nomination papers in these constituencies will be the same as that of the Punjab Assembly. The Election Commission de-notified former Prime Minister Imran Khan on February 24, declaring 6 of the 7 seats he had won during the by-elections last year as vacant. Meanwhile, the Election Commission summoned the Ministry of Defense and Directorate of Military Operations for a briefing on security matters in the elections yesterday, while the caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Chief Secretary, and IG were summoned on Monday for a briefing on the election arrangements. According to APP, the Election Commission has called the Ministry of Interior and Finance for a briefing at 12:30 today. According to the spokesperson of the Election Commission, the secretaries of both ministries will give a detailed briefing to the Election Commission. The Finance Ministry will be asked to provide funds and the Interior Ministry will be asked to ensure the provision of Army, Rangers, and other law enforcement agencies for election security. Peshawar (Correspondent, Monitoring Desk, APP) The Election Commission team met with the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regarding the conduct of elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The advisory team consisting of the Secretary of the Election Commission, Special Secretary Tree, and Director General of Law made it clear to Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa that the supervisor of the election arrangements and the law and order situation. The provincial government and federal law enforcement agencies are in touch and will hold a meeting with them soon to finalize these issues. All we want from you is the date of the election, on which Governor Haji Ghulam Ali left the matter for next week’s meeting in Islamabad without further discussion. The team was given full advisory powers.

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