March, 21, 2023
election will be held on March 16

election will be held on March 16

Election schedule suspended in light of Lahore High Court decision, the election will be held on March 16 on Islamabad seats, Imran’s NA 45 gram seat will remain vacant: Election Commission

PTI members will not be able to go to the Assembly despite the restoration. Lahore High Court prohibited the Election Commission from holding the elections and did not disturb the Speaker’s decision, the hearing will be held on March 7.

27 Islamabad, Lahore (Correspondent, Special Correspondent, APP) The Election Commission of Pakistan has stopped the by-elections of the National Assembly, notification of de-notification of 32 members of the National Assembly of PTI.
On the seats
has also been suspended. According to the notification issued by ECP, the membership of 27 elected members and 5 women members on specific seats have been restored. Among the female members whose membership was restored under the notification are Alia Hamza Kanwal Shuzab, Andalib Abbas, Asma Hadid, and Malika Bukhari. According to the election declaration, election activities will continue in National Assembly Constituencies NA 54, 53, and 52, which are located in the limits of Islamabad, and by-elections will be held on March 16. In the light of the decision of the Lahore High Court, the January 27 Elections on constituencies have been postponed, including 6 constituencies of Rawalpindi NA 57, NA 59, NA 60, NA 61, NA 62, NA 63, Jhelum Constituency NA 67, Gujarat Constituency NA 70, National Assembly Constituencies NA 87 Hafizabad, NA 93 Khushab, NA 96 Mianwali, NA 77 Bhakkar, NA 107 Faisalabad, NA 109 Faisalabad, Lahore Constituencies NA 126, NA 130, NA 135, NA 150 Khanewal, NA 152 Khanewal, NA 155 Multan, NA 156 Multan, NA 158 Multan, NA 164 Wahari, NA 165 Wahari, NA 177 Rahim Yar Khan, NA 187 Leh Constituencies Included. Even after the progress made by the Election Commission, the PT members cannot return to the National Assembly because the Lahore High Court had annulled the decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly regarding the resignation of the PTI members. The Lahore High Court suspended the nomination of the Election Commission and prohibited re-election until the completion of the hearing. The hearing on the decision of the Speaker National Assembly to accept the resignation will be held in the Lahore High Court on March 7. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has also declared vacant the 6 seats won by Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan in the by-election. According to the notification issued by the Election Commission, under Clause 2 of Article 233, Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi has been appointed NA 22 Mardan, NA 24 Char Sada, NA 31 Peshawar, NA 108 Faisalabad, NA 118 Nankana Sahib and Following the notification of NA 239 Korangi Karachi on January 19, these seats have been de-notified and declared vacant, while according to the notification dated January 19, 2023, Imran Khan’s NA 45 seat will remain vacant.

Filed a case against me without investigation, did not cooperate despite assurances

If there is any doubt as to who was responsible for the murder attack, then see what is happening with the JIT report

ISLAMABAD, LAHORE (Saqib Bashir, Chronicler, News Agencies) Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has sent a letter to the FIA ​​investigation officer in the prohibited funding case under hearing in the Banking Court. He wrote that a case was registered against me without investigation even though there was a murderous attack during the actual Azadi March, multiple injuries due to 30 bullets, and hospitalization while a case was registered in Wazirabad. I wrote letters to FIA on December 3, January, and February 4. Requested to send a team to Lahore for the investigation to record the statement through video link or letter. The department did not cooperate with me despite assurances to the banking court.

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