February, 22, 2024
Faisal Vawda Urges Judicial Accountability in Pakistan

Faisal Vawda Urges Judicial Accountability in Pakistan

 Infostani Sources- Former Senator Faisal Vawda asserted that honesty and trustworthiness define individuals, and when it comes to India’s security and defense, the Supreme Court prioritized the country over the constitution and law. Regardless of criticisms against judicial decisions, the court placed the nation first in defense matters. Vawda lamented that, unfortunately, in their country, constitutional and legal priorities overshadow defense concerns, sidelining the army and military courts. Privatization efforts, including those impacting steel mills and PIA, resulted in significant financial losses.

Vawda revealed that the court system and its rulings in Recodek have incurred billions in costs, attributing historic decisions to the destruction of Pakistan. He criticized the inconsistency in declaring individuals righteous or ineligible, emphasizing the consequential impact on the country. Expressing concern for Pakistan’s regressive status, he highlighted the need to address issues within the judicial system and structures to effect positive change.

Regarding the Nasla Tower incident, Vawda criticized the lack of action against key figures. Including the builder, NOC issuer, architect, minister, and leader, despite the devastation caused. He questioned the effectiveness of the legal system, citing cases where decisions, once made, are irreversible. Vawda argued that no individual, even of the Holy Prophet’s caliber, can meet the criteria of absolute righteousness and trustworthiness.

Faisal Vawda Criticizes Judiciary for Human Rights Oversights and Calls for Judicial Reform in Pakistan

Faisal Vawda Urges Judicial Accountability in Pakistan

Vawda criticized the judiciary for not prioritizing human rights in instances of army-related disasters, street shootings, or other grave violations. He highlighted incidents such as the judge’s wife’s gruesome act and the high mortality rate in prisons due to inadequate medical care. Where human rights were seemingly disregarded. Referring to military court decisions, he questioned the fairness of the process. Emphasizing the tragedy of innocent children killed in a school attack.

Faisal Vawda challenged the judiciary to focus on its core responsibilities. Refrain from unnecessary interference, and urged a review of past decisions, such as the hanging of Bhutto. He emphasized the need to fix the judicial system for the betterment of the country and criticized the potential suspension of elections. Questioning the authority responsible for murders in Punjab and KPK. Vawda also raised concerns about corruption within the PDM government, demanding accountability for those involved in financial misconduct.

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