March, 21, 2023
Former Prime Minister has announced a rally

Former Prime Minister has announced a rally

Threats from the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, if you cannot provide security, then you should hear all the cases on the spot. (Former Prime Minister)

In the Toshakhana case, milk, milk, water, water, and juice were not spared, the band of thieves wanted to destroy everything, I am fighting the people’s war, not my own. (Former Prime Minister)

Lahore (Talib Faridi, Mian Aslam, Saqib Hitt, Bilal Ghori, news agencies) Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has announced a rally on Pakistan Minar on March 19 and said that the Shahkhana case was made noisy, but milk is milk. The water has become water. Addressing from inside a bullet-proof vehicle near Data Darbar, he said, “The country is dominated by a group of thieves, all of them want to disqualify me in any way. Despite the danger, I came out even though my character was assassinated. More than 80 cases have been registered and a new case is coming up every day. On the other hand, even the juice boxes were not left out, similarly, in the case of foreign funding, when the funding of PML-N comes to light, everything will be known. Lahore, we struggle together, the whole nation has to fight together, and we have to get freedom. Next Sunday at 2:00 pm I will hold a meeting at Minar Pakistan. While thanking Imran for making the rally a success, it became clear why the imported government did not allow the rally to take place, like Shah was martyred yesterday, we will not forget, and we will punish the policemen. This is not my personal battle, I am fighting for all of you. The entire nation will have to come out for the accountability of the thieves and real freedom. Earlier PTI started the election campaign from Lahore. People participated in the rally from Zaman Park to Data Darbar. Apart from vehicles and motorcycles, thousands of workers accompanied the rally on foot. When Imran Khan arrived, the workers greeted him by showering flowers. The activists reached Zaman Park despite the caretaker government blocking the roads by placing containers at various places. In addition to the party, national flags were also hoisted in the rally while slogans of Imran Tere Jaan Shaar, Beyam, and Beyam were chanted. The rally started from the city via Garhi Shahu, Railway Station Circular Road, Delhi Gate, Maurya Palia, Shah Alami Pomegranate Village, Lohari, Bhai Gate, and Urdu Bazar, and reached Data Darbar. Apart from fireworks, the workers showered flower petals on Imran’s car. They took their hands out of the car and avoided answering the slogans. Government and semi-government offices, markets, and educational institutions along the route were closed and encroachments were removed, but citizens continued to suffer all day, and an ambulance was also stuck. Moreover, Imran Khan said in an interview with BBC that negotiations should be held with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, otherwise you will have to take up arms. It is important to involve the local people in the first attempt to avoid chaos. After the Afghan Taliban seized power, they demanded from Pakistan that the 30,000 to 40,000 people of the YTP who had gone to Afghanistan should be called back. What choice did we have then? We would catch them and put them in jails, kill them, or bring them back into the mainstream.

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