March, 21, 2023
Former prime minister

Former prime minister

62 is a 1F scale, then Imran(former prime minister)will be disqualified for life 10 thousand times, and the two controversial reservations should be separated from the election-by-notice case.

General elections will be held in October, there is no point in contesting by-elections, abolish NAB, otherwise, the country will not run, former prime minister, interview

Islamabad (Sabah News) Senior leader of Muslim League (N) and former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that I am of the opinion that the courts should make decisions according to the constitution and the law, and the constitution should not be rewritten. Tell me under which law you can disqualify someone for life, the name of this law should be given by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. If (F)62-1 is the measure, then Imran Khan (former prime minister) will be disqualified for life 10 thousand times. The decisions of Pakistan’s judiciary are so controversial that neither history nor people accept them. He expressed these views in a private TV interview. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that Justice Ejaz-ul-Ahsan and Justice Syed Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi should recuse themselves from the bench after hearing the notice taken regarding the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assemblies elections. Objections were raised against Justice Ejazul Ahsan and Justice Syed Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi earlier, Naqvi’s case is recent. Now any decision to sell it will be controversial. The High Judiciary and the Supreme Court have made themselves controversial. Today there are various demands, one is saying that there should not be two judges, the other petitioner who has been called is saying that there should be a senior most Hajj, and someone is saying that there should be a full bench. He said that the decisions of the judiciary speak but their comments do not. You said that you did not take 10,000 dirhams eight years ago, so you are disqualified for life, now where am I going to talk about it? Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged today even after 45 years people are criticizing this part. He said that the next general elections will be held in October and will participate in them, there is no point in participating in the by-elections for four months. I will not support the idea of ​​extending the term of Parliament. Elections should be held on time, in the current situation the country cannot afford a caretaker government for 90 days. I am not in favor of NAB. I ask Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to abolish NAB, otherwise, this country will not run. I will also submit a bill in this regard in the assembly. The Jail Bharu movement was Imran Khan’s seventh movement, the first six also failed and the Jail Bharu movement is also a failure.

Pakistanis belonging to Gujrat, Kharian, and Mandi Bahauddin, 81 were rescued, 22 were hospitalized, 43 bodies were found, and 200 refugees including children were on board the boat.

The boat left from Turkey a few days ago, and refugees from Iran and Afghanistan were also on board.

Rome (Monitoring Desk, News Agencies) 28 Pakistanis and 60 immigrants, including children, drowned in a boat wreck in the sea of ​​southern Italy. 81 people have been rescued. A man has been detained on human-trafficking charges, Italian authorities said, after a wooden boat carrying migrants hit rocks and broke up off the southern Italian coast early Sunday, killing some children. Forty-five people were killed, including tourists from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and several other countries in the boat, which left Turkey a few days ago, a provincial government official told the British news agency. The number is 45, People have survived, 22 of them have been hospitalized, and customs police say one man has been arrested on suspicion of smuggling migrants, according to Italian media, off the coast of St. 43 bodies have been found since, 200 refugees were on board a weak boat, who were trying to reach Europe, refugees from Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan were on board the affected boat while there is a fear of the further increase in casualties, Pakistanis belong to Gujarat, It is being told from Mandi Bahauddin, Khariyan, that the local police have also expressed fear of an increase in the death toll as the bodies of all the drowned refugees have not been found yet.

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