November, 29, 2023
Gaza: 1,417 Palestinians Martyred, 1,300 Israelis Injured

Gaza: 1,417 Palestinians Martyred, 1,300 Israelis Injured

Infostani Sources- So far 1417 Palestinians have been martyred by Israel’s bombing of Gaza, while Israeli casualties have reached 1300 in the attacks of Hassah. Israeli forces are also indiscriminately targeting residential buildings, women, and children, causing the death toll to rise. Martyrs include 450 children and 250 women, while more than 6,000 Palestinians are injured. 20 mosques were also martyred by the bombing. Israel’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that 1,300 of its citizens have died and 2,800 have been injured.

On the other hand, the blockade of Gaza by Israel is continuing, which is causing human tragedy. Diplomatic efforts are also being made for a ceasefire. United Nations human rights experts have said that Israel’s worst bombing of Gaza amounts to indiscriminate collective punishment.

The United Nations human rights group said in its statement that the people of Gaza have been under illegal siege for 16 years and have also faced 15 wars. Israeli bombing is tantamount to collective punishment and there is no justification for this violence. Where innocent civilians are being indiscriminately attacked, whether by Hamas or Israeli forces. This is prohibited under international law and amounts to a war crime. Capturing civilians is also a war crime and should not be released.

He said in a statement that fuel-assisted emergency generators in Gaza’s hospitals could shut down shortly. The human tragedy arising from this conflict is terrible. Alleviate the hardships of the citizens.

Gaza: 1,417 Palestinians Martyred, 1,300 Israelis Injured

Recent Developments in the Israel-Gaza Conflict

On the other hand, the Israeli minister says that the siege will continue until the citizens of Mir North are freed. Then electricity will not be provided, water plants will not be opened and fuel trucks will not enter the city. No one needs to teach us morality. Israel attacked the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo on Thursday, after which both airports were closed for service. The Israeli army chief has admitted for the first time the failure to stop Hamas attacks.

American Secretary of State Anthony Lincoln arrived in Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He conveyed the message of American President Joe Biden to the Israeli Prime Minister and assured him that the United States is with him and will continue to stand with him in the future. will In the joint press conference. The Israeli Prime Minister said that Hamas is a terrorist organization similar to ISIS.

Hamas will be treated exactly like ISIS was treated. The US Secretary of State said that he condemns the cruelty and inhumane acts of Hamas. Hamas carried out massacres in Israel, in which American citizens were also killed. Today we send a message to the world that America stands with Israel and will continue to stand with Israel. He confirmed that 25 American citizens were killed in Hamas attacks. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has emphasized the need to deliver medical equipment, food, fuel, and other aid to Gaza, saying that the access of aid workers to the area should be ensured. The United Nations will continue its efforts to provide aid to Gaza.

He also appealed to the international community to collect aid. Realizing the legitimate grievances of the Palestinians and Israel’s security concerns, both parties must ensure the safety of civilians.

Gaza: 1,417 Palestinians Martyred, 1,300 Israelis Injured

Urgent Calls for Ceasefire and Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

Parties should refrain from irreversible actions. Due to the bombing of the Israeli army, 338,000 Palestinians have gone home. In Gaza alone, we have 20 centers operating, which the Syrians have built near Sawad Villakh, but Israel is also bombing these centers. The blockade should be lifted. He expressed concern over Egypt’s refusal to provide asylum to Gaza refugees. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCA) has called for a humanitarian ceasefire, describing the situation in Gaza as extremely dangerous. The United Nations aid agencies have reported that the supply of food, water, and electricity to the citizens of Gaza is about to stop after Israel’s strict blockade.

According to the World Food Programme, Gaza is rapidly running out of food and more aid is urgently needed. The death toll of UN relief and rehabilitation workers in Matra, Gaza, has risen to 12. Russian President Vladimir Putin, while calling for Israel-Hamas holidays, taught that the land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinians and they have the full right to an independent state. Hamas released a video of the Mir North Israeli woman crossing the border with her children. Israel called the incident a drama.

In the declaration of the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Arab League, while demanding an immediate ceasefire, it has been said that the international community should play its role in normalizing the situation. In the declaration, it is feared that human tragedy may arise if the war is not stopped. The Arab League also called on Israel to end the blockade of Gaza and allow data transmission to resume.

Gaza: 1,417 Palestinians Martyred, 1,300 Israelis Injured

Global Diplomacy in Response to Middle East Humanitarian Crisis

The Special Secretary of the First Government for the Middle East, Zhai Jun, has expressed deep concern over the humanitarian situation in Palestine in a telephone conversation with the Palestinian First Deputy Foreign Minister, Amal Jiyada. He said an immediate ceasefire is very important for the safety of civilians. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had a telephone call with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and discussed the ongoing tension in Gaza and its surroundings.

The crown prince said that Saudi Arabia is making every effort to negotiate with all international and regional parties to stop tensions. Targeting the citizens of Gaza and the loss of innocent lives should be avoided. King Abdullah al-Thani of Jordan said that peace in the Middle East is not possible without the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel. German Chancellor Olaf Schulz banned Hamas activities in Germany. Did he condemn the terrorists? Turkish President Erdoğan discussed the situation in Palestine while talking to his Emirati counterpart by telephone.

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