February, 24, 2024
Gaza Cease-fire: Releases, Challenges, Miraculous Rescue

Gaza Cease-fire: Releases, Challenges, Miraculous Rescue

Infostani Sources- China will chair today’s Security Council meeting to discuss the situation in Gaza. On the fifth day of the Israel-Hamas cease-fire extension, Hamas released 11 more Gamalites. Including citizens from France, Germany, and Argentina. Earlier, during the 4-day temporary ceasefire, Hamas released 69 Israeli prisoners, while Israel released Palestinians. Simultaneously, the Israeli army dismissed two officers whose subordinates had fled during a Hamas operation in northern Gaza.

An Israeli newspaper stated that Hamas mujahideen didn’t assist the soldiers during the operation, resulting in their flight. About 50 percent of the soldiers who fled haven’t returned to their units. Dismissed Israeli military officers admitted that they had sent soldiers on missions in Gaza without sufficient rest, causing difficulties. The newspaper, citing the army’s statement, mentioned a growing lack of confidence among soldiers in Gaza. With strict measures planned to address it.

Gaza Updates: EU Concerns, West Bank Incidents, and Miraculous Baby Rescue

Gaza Cease-fire: Releases, Challenges, Miraculous Rescue

Meanwhile, European Union Commissioner Janis Lennar commented on the fuel supply to Gaza. Highlighting challenges due to Israeli sanctions hindering aid delivery. In the West Bank, Israeli forces shot and killed two young men, and after the release of some Palestinians, Israel arrested 3,000 from West Jordan. On Tuesday, the Israeli army entered West Bank towns of Beto Shih and Kafr Ain, west of Ramallah.

In a surprising incident in Gaza, rescue workers found a newborn baby alive after 37 days in the rubble of a house destroyed by Israeli bombardment. Civil Defense officials discovered the baby during relief work during the 4-day ceasefire. Initially presumed dead by most people present, after three hours of efforts by doctors and paramedics, the baby started breathing, prompting chants of Allahu Akbar and Subhan Allah.

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