February, 23, 2024
Gaza Crisis: Health Risks, Tragedies, and Global Responses

Gaza Crisis: Health Risks, Tragedies, and Global Responses

Infostani Sources- The World Health Organization has stated that diseases in Gaza present a greater risk of death compared to war. The bombing in Gaza has destroyed numerous major hospitals and disrupted the health system. The spokesperson has warned that without activating the health system, the number of deaths from the bombing will exceed the number of deaths from diseases. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that Israeli forces killed 2 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank.

They shared footage, stating that the child, unarmed and running, fell victim to the Israeli army in Jenin, adding to the thousands of children they have killed. Hamas reported the martyrdom of 10-month-old Kafir Bibas, his four-year-old brother, and his mother during the Israeli bombing. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, leading a United Nations Security Council meeting. Mentioned the region faces risks from the potential resumption of fighting in Gaza, impacting the entire area.

Gaza: Musk Invited, Erdogan Criticizes, and Ceasefire Developments

Gaza Crisis: Health Risks, Tragedies, and Global Responses

Hamas has invited Elon Musk, the American billionaire and owner of X. To personally visit Gaza and witness the destruction caused by Israel, similar to his visit to Israel. The temporary conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza saw brief moments of respite during the blockade. Allowing children to engage in play, sing songs, and participate in various games. In Oslo, a solidarity event for Gaza featured the raising of the Palestinian flag at City Hall. Drawing thousands of Palestinian supporters. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan openly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Referring to him as a butcher and stating that a lasting stain is on Netanyahu’s forehead.

Erdogan emphasized that since October 7, Palestinian brothers and sisters have endured unprecedented attacks. With the Israeli forces demolishing everything in Gaza before the eyes of the world. Addressing a party meeting, Erdogan condemned the atrocities committed by the Israeli army during the 50-day attacks. Asserting that these actions will leave a dark mark on history. Hamas has reported the release of two Russian female prisoners from the Gaza Strip amid an ongoing ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. The statement from Hamas mentioned that the Red Crescent received the two women after efforts by the Russian president.

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