November, 30, 2023
Gaza Crisis: Hospital Attack, Ceasefire Efforts, Global Echo

Gaza Crisis: Hospital Attack, Ceasefire Efforts, Global Echo

Infostani Sources- Israel carried out an attack on the Indonesian hospital in Gaza, resulting in the martyrdom of 12 Palestinians, including doctors. A foreign news agency reported that several individuals, including Orthopedic Chief Dr. Adnan al-Brush, sustained injuries in the assault. The Israeli army targeted those trying to evacuate the hospital and initiated a siege around the medical facility. Smoke and gunpowder inside the hospital led to people experiencing suffocation. The total number of martyrs has now exceeded 13 thousand. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s efforts have led to China’s readiness to play a role in facilitating a ceasefire in Gaza.

The foreign ministers of Muslim countries, with Saudi Arabia at the helm, visited China. During the visit, their counterpart Wang Yi assured that they would actively contribute to a ceasefire in Gaza. This development raises concerns about the stability of peace in the Middle East. China is ready to contribute to achieving a ceasefire, emphasizing its urgency. Concurrently, Mohammad Zaqut, the Director of Gaza Hospitals, announced the opening of the Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza after several days of siege. All 41 newborn children successfully evacuated. Yesterday, they transferred 28 of them to Emirati Hospital in Rafah, Egypt. Unfortunately, three children lost their lives during the journey.

Recent Developments in Gaza: International Aid, Calls for Ceasefire, and Hospital Targeting

Gaza Crisis: Hospital Attack, Ceasefire Efforts, Global EchoFrance has announced its plan to send medical aid to Gaza via ship.  French President Emmanuel Macron’s office announced the departure of the helicopter carrier French warship Doc Samud early next week, and it is expected to reach Egypt within days.

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz has urged Israel to halt its military actions in Gaza to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid. UN chief Antonio Guterres has once again called for a cease-fire in Gaza, and the World Health Organization has been advocating for a four-day pause in hostilities. Israeli forces targeted Al-Shafa Hospital in Gaza, designating it as a death zone. Israeli media reports claim that they discovered a 55-meter-long tunnel under Al-Shafa Hospital. Where Hamas officials allegedly sought shelter and stored weapons. To support this assertion, the military spokesman shared a video showing Israeli soldiers descending the tunnel’s stairs from its entrance.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers conducted an operation at al-Shafa hospital, where the United Nations disclosed the presence of hundreds of patients. The committee overseeing the Asian Cup 2023 football tournament in Qatar announced that they will allocate funds from ticket sales to support relief efforts for the Palestinians.

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