February, 23, 2024
Gaza Crisis: UN Shelter Hit, Calls for Ceasefire

Gaza Crisis: UN Shelter Hit, Calls for Ceasefire

Infostani International: Gaza Crisis, In the Israel-Hamas conflict, Khan Yunis faces intense air strikes and ground operations. A tragic incident at a UN shelter, clashes, and the city’s encirclement by the Israeli army mark recent events. The rising death toll draws global condemnation. Netanyahu persists in the war despite ceasefire calls. Broader concerns emerge with incidents in the Red Sea involving Yemen’s Houthi fighters. Here’s a brief overview.

Escalation in Gaza: Israeli Military Operations and UN Shelter Attack Raise Concerns

Israeli air strikes and ground operations on Thursday focused on the city of Khan Yunis, where tank shelling at one of its shelters, as reported by the UN, resulted in nine deaths the day before.

The health ministry in Gaza reported that Israel’s military offensive and invasion have led to the death of at least 25,700 people, with about 70 percent being women and children.

The Israeli army claimed to have encircled Khan Yunis, showcasing footage of soldiers engaged in urban combat among ruined buildings. Hamas’s press office reported fierce clashes in the city’s center and west, while the Gaza health ministry documented multiple deaths from strikes in Khan Yunis and other areas.

The UN shelter for displaced people in Khan Yunis was attacked on Wednesday, with two tank rounds hitting the site, killing nine and injuring 75. UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini stated that the number of casualties was likely to increase, emphasizing the blatant disregard for the rules of war. The compound had been marked as a UN facility, with its coordinates shared with Israeli authorities.

International Response and Domestic Pressure on Israel for Ceasefire Amidst Ongoing Conflict

The US condemned the attack, emphasizing the need to protect civilians and respect the protected nature of UN facilities. In Rafah, Palestinians inspected the damage after a strike on a mosque reduced it to rubble.

Amid calls for a ceasefire, Israel’s government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, faced domestic pressure, especially after 24 soldiers were killed on Monday, the deadliest day since the ground operations in Gaza began.

Israeli protesters in Tel Aviv demanded a ceasefire, holding a banner that read “Stop the bloodshed.” Netanyahu, however, insisted that the war would continue until the “aggression and evil” of Hamas were destroyed.

Gaza Crisis: UN Shelter Hit, Calls for Ceasefire
Hundreds of pro-Palestine demonstrators surround the Israeli embassy in London

Escalating Tensions in the Middle East: Biden’s Envoy Seeks Captive Release Amid Gaza Conflict and Houthi Attacks

US President Joe Biden’s Middle East envoy Brett McGurk was in the region to broker a deal to free captives in exchange for a pause in fighting. Netanyahu expressed determination to continue the war, framing it as a battle for home.

The Gaza war raised concerns about a wider escalation, with violence involving Iran-backed Hamas allies across the Middle East. In a separate incident, Yemen’s Houthi fighters targeted two merchant ships in the Red Sea, firing three missiles. The US Navy destroyer reportedly shot down two missiles, while one missed its target. The Houthis confirmed responsibility for the attack, pledging to continue targeting ships despite US and British strikes against them.