February, 22, 2024
Gaza: Israeli Offensive, Palestinian Toll

Gaza: Israeli Offensive, Palestinian Toll

Infostani International- Israeli forces carried out a comprehensive attack on central Gaza yesterday, employing land, sea, and air operations. Unfortunately, as a result, 20 Palestinians lost their lives, with reports of additional casualties. Only one Israeli attack resulted in Palestinian fatalities. The Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas, confirmed the deaths of 20 Palestinians in Gaza on Wednesday, while six Palestinians fell victim to an Israeli drone strike in the West Bank.

Gaza Horrors: Al-Qassam Retaliation, Gruesome Discoveries, and Regional Tensions

Hamas’s Al-Qassam Brigades retaliated against the Israeli army by launching a ground operation in Gaza. They successfully destroyed several Israeli military vehicles and discovered the bodies of 80 Palestinians in an Israeli truck in Israel. Tragically, these bodies, now buried in a mass grave, were found to be mutilated, with internal organs missing.

The World News Agency reported the arrival of a truck from Israel in the southern Gaza Strip, containing the bodies of 80 unidentified Palestinians. The shocking brutality extended to the absence of internal organs from these bodies. In the Red Sea, the Yemeni Houthis targeted an American ship. Carrying out missile attacks on ships and drone attacks towards Israel. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, likening him to a modern-day Hitler.

Gaza: Israeli Offensive, Palestinian Toll
Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 20,000 and Israel Expands Ground Offensive Despite Pressure to Scale Back

Israel-US Alliance Targets Hamas: Defeat Admission and Public Support in Haifa

There is a significant development in the Israel-US alliance’s objective to eliminate Hamas, publicly acknowledged by an adviser to Netanyahu or Netanyahu himself. Mark Riggio, a senior adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, stated that although the United States and Israel differ on various aspects of the Gaza war, both nations agree on the goal of eradicating Hamas. Israel’s former army chief, Dan Halones, openly admitted that Israel has conceded defeat in the war against Hamas. He made this statement during an anti-government demonstration in Haifa, where young participants openly applauded his views.

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