February, 23, 2024
Gaza Tragedy: Al Jazeera Director's Kin & Journalists Killed

Gaza Tragedy: Al Jazeera Director’s Kin & Journalists Killed

Infostani International- An Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of two relatives of the director of Al Jazeera’s Gaza bureau, heightening concerns over civilian casualties. Brothers Ahmed, 30, and Muhammad, 26, lost their lives in Rafah, adding to the director’s recent loss of his eldest son. Accusations of Israel targeting civilians prompt international calls for investigations. The conflict continues, emphasizing the urgent need for a resolution.

Tragedy Unfolds: Israeli Airstrikes Claim Lives of Al Jazeera Director’s Relatives and Journalists in Gaza

On Monday, the health ministry in the Gaza Strip and family members reported that an Israeli air strike had killed two relatives of the director of Al Jazeera’s Gaza bureau. The ministry reported that Ahmed al-Dahdouh, 30, and Muhammad al-Dahdouh, 26, were in a car when the strike hit them in Rafah, a southern city in the Gaza Strip. Another man traveling with them also lost his life.

Wael al-Dahdouh, the bureau chief, confirmed to AFP that the two men were his nephews, and sadly, his eldest son had been killed in an airstrike just the day before.

Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman for the Gaza health ministry, accused Israel of deliberately targeting a civilian car. “I offer my condolences to Wael al-Dahdouh for the death of his relatives,” Qudra said in a statement. When contacted by AFP, the Israeli army stated that it was “checking” the claim. AFP footage depicted the car’s mangled remains, with its roof torn off by the strike.

A relative mentioned that Muhammad worked as an accountant at a school, and Ahmed was an electronics engineer.

Gaza Tragedy: Al Jazeera Director's Kin & Journalists Killed
Bureau chief confirms nephews’ death; son killed in airstrike yesterday.

Tragic Loss of Journalists in Rafah Strike Amidst Escalating Conflict

On Sunday, Al Jazeera reported a similar strike in Rafah that killed two Palestinian journalists working for the network, including Wael’s son Hamza. Hamza was killed along with Mustafa Thuria, a video stringer for AFP and other news organizations, while they were on their way to fulfill their duties for the Qatar-based network.

AFP’s global news director Phil Chetwynd expressed shock over Mustafa’s death and conveyed the agency’s condolences to his family. Chetwynd added, “We vigorously condemn all attacks against journalists doing their jobs, and it is essential we have a clear explanation as to what happened.” A third freelance journalist, Hazem Rajab, traveling with them, was seriously wounded along with the driver.

When asked about Sunday’s strike, the Israeli army informed AFP that it had targeted a terrorist operating an aircraft that posed a threat to troops. The army acknowledged being aware of reports that, during the strike, two other suspects in the same vehicle as the terrorist were also hit.

The Al Jazeera bureau chief had recently been wounded in a strike and had lost his wife and two other children in Israeli bombardment in the initial weeks of the war.

International Outcry: Rising Journalist Casualties in Gaza Conflict

The UN expressed alarm on Monday at the high number of journalists killed in the Gaza conflict, a day after two Al Jazeera reporters died in an Israeli strike on their car. The UN rights office conveyed its concern about the death toll of media workers in Gaza and called for thorough, independent investigations into the reported IDF strike on the car. The aim is to ensure strict compliance with international law and prosecute any violations.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists reported that at least 79 journalists and media professionals, the vast majority Palestinian, have been killed since the war began. However, major international media outlets report that 109 journalists have been killed since October 7. In response to the conflict, Israel has carried out relentless bombardment and a ground invasion, resulting in a toll of at least 23,084 people, mostly women and children, according to the Gaza health ministry’s latest figures.